Wednesday, 26 January 2011

We’re in week 10

That’s far for me … and feeling ok. No bleeding or anything else, and so far I have no real morning sickness either – maybe a bit nausea sometimes, and my taste buds decide after 1 cheese toast when nibbling on No 2 that I suddenly don’t like Emmental Cheese anymore! One of my favs!!!

Seen the Doc today as the midwife measured higher blood pressure last week and although she wasn’t worried she thought better to check with the GP.

Baby brain here totally forgot to check for the MRI results, so currently waiting for a call back from Dr Ewing.

Been to the gym and will speak to Stewart (one of my instructors) on Friday because I am not sure my core stability workouts are working (30 secs max for me to hold the plank and the bridge with bosu!). Upper body strength? Non-existent as it seems!

Had actually planned to scrap today – but somehow I’ve lost my Mojo a couple of months ago. Not sure if that’s because I’m soooo tired (and Dr Ewing said that being tired and not sleeping well is NOT uncommon with pregnancies). I’m trying to plan some scrapping/card making this weekend though.

Oh … and after being scared for the 12-week-scan because I read a stupid IVF story online about a woman who was scanned at 7 weeks with twins, at week 13 (12 – week – scan) they only saw one heartbeat and at week 19 she lost the second twin … now I am a bit worried that I only gained 3.5 kgs so far … Should just leave worrying … I started out obese, so Chip and Chap have probably enough to chew about in my body anyway!! LOL.

Can’t wait for the 8 February, when I finally can post these blog entries publicly! Winking smile

Monday, 24 January 2011

Mojo still missing…

… and that’s on all crafty levels … I haven’t done much scrapbooking/card making/knitting/crochet or quilting over the last couple of months. Somehow just not feeling like it.

But I’m planning to do something crafty this weekend… So, there you have it!! Smile 

Can’t say WHICH craft it will be mind…

Friday, 21 January 2011

Very hormonal today…

No emotional TV allowed for me I think – been watching “Don’t tell the Bride” earlier and nearly was in puddles!!! WEIRDO!!! Winking smile

Not sure what that is about.

Else doing ok, bit headachey, and felt a bit nauseous this morning, so who knows, maybe morning sickness comes late for me. Although … I really could do without that.

Got order to get some German baking today, so will see what the girls have on offer later. Oh … and it’s QVC Craft day, so getting maybe my Mojo back that way. Who knows.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

7 wk scan!!

The whole IVF stuff is surreal as it is, but after a positive result it’s just weird! During the cycle you go to the clinic about twice a week for bloods and scans – then the 2WW (2 week wait) is bad enough, as you don’t have ANY contact with the clinic. Zilch, Nada!

You go back for the blood test, phone in for the result during lunch and then get your result … in our case it was mostly negatives, one low number positive (which then went up and resulted in an m/c in 2007 at week 6 (?) ). This time of course huge number (pointing towards twins) – and then you’re on your own. Feels weird, actually, I felt quite lost!

5 blinking weeks to cover time before you go in for a scan!!! Time enough to drive desperate people mental, really!!

Think if I’d at least more “signs” (only had headaches and the telltale “chest” signs) I wouldn’t have been that bad … but with NO morning sickness I felt something was missing!! Winking smile

Well… scan was the same day as my first day back at work… so we went there, got through the routine – and then we saw the first sac – with a heartbeat!!! WOW! What a sight and feeling!!! Thought that was it (and would have been happy), but no, the Doc said “and there’s the other one!” – and a strong heartbeat as well. Little flickering lights! We were both stunned!!

Got the instruction leaflet for the midwife service and then were kinda “released” into the “normal pregnancy world”. EFREC won’t see us again (unless things go wrong and we have to do it all again – touch wood it won’t happen, but after 5 years I’m quite tentative with being positive).

All the nurses who went along with us on our IVF trail of 5 years came to congratulate – it’s really funny, you get to know the people and it’s nice to see them again and again … it’s like family in a way. They all wished us all the best and said we deserved it. And we have to go back and show off the little ones after birth – they all insisted on that.

Well… now it’s another blinking wait until week 12 for the “official scan” (and I so hope that both beans hold on!) and I have to make arrangements to meet my appointed midwife ….

Again – it’s a long wait, with no “holding hands” by nurses etc … feeling lost. And I don’t want to tell work until week 12 - although a couple of colleagues know – Doug and I have the rule that if people ask how the IVF went they’ll get told. If you don’t ask, you don’t get told.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Holiday already over???

That’s a scary thought … back to work tomorrow … with a quick trip to ERI in the morning.

Well… let’s say it that way, I wasn’t really told before Christmas whether my contract is being extended, I was just told to “just turn up on the 5th”.  Sounds very familiar to me really. But I don’t think that my contract WON’T be extended (and I know several colleagues will go ballistic if I won’t be back as I’ve reduced their work load by quite a bit … and that’s over 5 different teams).

Wish I had a bit more time at home as I’m feeling totally knackered and as if I didn’t get enough sleep over the holidays … let’s hope that all’s getting better soon. Reminds me, I have to check with my GP if there’s an update on my MRI yet (for the headaches)…