Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Holiday already over???

That’s a scary thought … back to work tomorrow … with a quick trip to ERI in the morning.

Well… let’s say it that way, I wasn’t really told before Christmas whether my contract is being extended, I was just told to “just turn up on the 5th”.  Sounds very familiar to me really. But I don’t think that my contract WON’T be extended (and I know several colleagues will go ballistic if I won’t be back as I’ve reduced their work load by quite a bit … and that’s over 5 different teams).

Wish I had a bit more time at home as I’m feeling totally knackered and as if I didn’t get enough sleep over the holidays … let’s hope that all’s getting better soon. Reminds me, I have to check with my GP if there’s an update on my MRI yet (for the headaches)…

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