Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Nice day away from all...

We left early this morning for Newcastle ... wanted to go to the Metro Centre (to eat at Big Luke's :) and go shopping) and Doug wanted to show me Whitley Bay (he lived there as a child and I've never been ... and would be my first seaside resort in the UK!!! :) )

Left an hour later than planned, and it was all a drissle in Edinburgh, but we believed in the MET Centre and hoped for nicer weather down in Northern England. :) As it was, we just came towards the Coastal Route in Northumberland and the sun came out! :) We got onto the coastal route a bit north of Bamburgh, as I wanted to see that place (a couple of fellow scrappers from UKS are going to the beach there from time to time). Beautiful beaches, a bit tacky in the smaller seaside resorts (but then - not as bad as the Canadian side of Niagara Falls!!!) and nice castles. We saw Bamburgh and then drove through Warksworth, where DH ended up by accident when he was a student! :)

Knicker checking during the trip was weird ... at Berwick I had some weird spotting (kinda grainy ... I was wondering if that was implantation bleed??), then the stops in between nothing!!!

Arriving at Whitley Bay and a beautiful sunshine!!! What a lovely Seaside resort!!! Love the place really, even though it is a bit tacky as well... ;) We had a look at the house where DH lived a few (?) years in his childhood, then parked the car at the beach and went for a walk. And me being me ... I just had to take off my shoes and walk barefoot in the sand and the sea! GREAT FEELING!!! :) Makes me always feel free when I can do that. :)

Had lunch at the Rendezvous Cafe at the beach and that was when I started bleeding stronger ... :( I am not sure what's going on.

Because we spent soo much time in Whitley Bay and on the Coastal route, we decided to go straight to the MetroCentre, go shopping and then for dinner at "Big Luke's" (BBQ AYCE - all you can eat- Buffet). We were driving a couple of times around the industrial estate but couldn't find Hobbycrafts!!! :( Finally went into Toys R Us and asked there ... and found out
that Hobbycrafts is actually at "Team Valley" shopping area. So skipped that and went straight to MetroCentre (after a bit of searching how to get into the yellow car park LOL). Went to Chocolate Soup (somehow too posh for me, but got a mini slab (Dark Choc Walnut) and Hot Chocolate Pearls Cinnamon), DH got some fudge at Thorntons and then I got myself some more stuff for my bonsai (which are coming along nicely ... will have to plant them and then will update with a photo here!). DH got a few (???! :) ) jellybeans ... and YES, THE GARLIC ONE DOES TASTE OF GARLIC!!!! :D

Usual knicker check didn't show ANYTHING!!! So my body was really taking the mick! :( And then again, after dinner at Big Luke's (Sharon: Not as good as we'd expected ... so will have to go somewhere else if we meet up there at some point! :D ) when I had to "pop a bullet" (i.e. the progesterone pessary) I started bleeding again. I am not sure what's going on, DH said it's his DNA, late arrival and all that ... ;) I think it could still be a BFP on Monday!!!

Oh! And we found something for CHIP at the MetroCentre ....
QUIZNOS!!! Apparently a better sandwich place than Subway, but as we were eating at Big Luke's we couldn't try it. :( Got the flyer though, and even better news ... they will open a subsidiary in GLASGOW!!! :) Now ... when are they coming to Edinburgh?

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Day 15 ...

Mmmmh... headaches, a little pulling pain, and now some dark brown spotting (but really just a little, goes away after dabbing - SORRY, TMI!) ... wonder if my body decided to take its time and does implantation bleed later than normal????

I don't think that both embies are making it ... but I have a little hope that maybe my little 1-grader (LOL) hangs on!!!

Could do with the long wait though .... :(

Tomorrow we're off to Newcastle for the day ... bit walking about, going to the MetroCentre for Big Luke's (first time), Hotel Chocolat (first time in Newcastle) and Hobbycrafts - and Toys R Us for Doug... :D

Mood goes up and down ... considering what we woman (and partners/hubbies) are going through with IVF we should get a definite YES or NO!!! Not such a stupid limbo stuff!!! :(

Little one, hang on ... maybe your great granddad (RIP) can help you to stick???

Monday, 28 May 2007


After mad dashes to the toilet since yesterday evening (about every 25 mins or so) we went to the clinic for the blood test.

Coming home, watching "Justice League Unlimited" DVDs in bed ... called ACU at 12:15pm for the result ... and what does DH get? Biochemical pregnancy with hCG Level 27!!!! :( 50+ is normal pregnancy, 5 and lower is a negative.

Soooo... what the heck is going on? Clinic is not very positive that I will end up with a BFP, I've searched on FF and there are a few who went with a low hCG Level to a BFP.

New Blood test on Monday. So that means we are most likely to have a negative, but we cannot go on holiday because it's not written in stone yet!!!! :( $%&*@ !!!

Am I feeling positive .. well.. not really, no. And DH is totally shattered. :( As if the whole process is not enough, now we have to get that rubbish as well!!!!

Stinking headache, pulling pain on the left side where the left ovary is supposed to sit (but mine isn't there) .... clinic said it could be ectopic as well... soooo ... that could be anywhere then! :(

Can't believe they let me wait until next Monday for next blood test though. Usually the hCG levels should double every day.... Surely Thursday should be enough?

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Day before blood test...

... and I am going totally nuts. It's just not fair that symptoms during a 2ww (2 week wait) can point in 3 directions ... either it's from the "bullets" (progesteron pessaries), a sign for the period to start or the long awaited signs for getting a positive result!!!

Couldn't go back to sleep this morning at 7:30am after I have "put the bullet in", watched a bit TV (gosh... I KNOW why we're out at JKC on Sundays ... there's absolutely NOTHING on TV!!!), packed the bag with the Kit for Doug to take to JKC and then went searching for a piece of paper which is missing from the last game day - suffice to say ... I couldn't find it, but the living room is a little bit tidier than it was before.

Have been spending a couple of hours reading my book "Crusaders Gold" by David Gibbins. I've read his book "Atlantis" last year and just had to buy the new one when I saw it at WHSmiths. It's one of the few things that keep me sane ... it's far too easy to read pregnancy books over and over again!!

Still staying away from the HPT (home pregnancy test) ... I had my hCG injection 2 weeks ago and that may still distort the result. I didn't do an HPT last year either ... but then I didn't need one, as my period (AF) appeared the day before the blood test ... i.e. equivalent to today. No sign of AF this time ... but then... I have been worried about the fact that I was for 6 months on Zolly and that it may not show an AF until longer time afterwards ... Not wanting to get my hopes up ... but really could do with a positive result tomorrow!!!!

Dinner tonight is going to be white asparagus (YAY!!!) from MACRO with ham, potatos and Sauce Hollandaise. Can't wait!! :)

Friday, 25 May 2007

No Mojo ...

Scrapbooking-wise. Haven't done anything in ages ... and ok, my brain just doesn't work at the moment for that. I hope I can do something once I have my result ... and hopefully it's going to be a positive one!!

I have been doing frantic Xstitch yesterday night and today though, MIL's birthday card. :)

Doug and I went over to see them in the afternoon, after I've spent nearly all day in bed (with crampy tummy, trapped wind - sorry TMI - and else totally worried about the whole result). Stitching kept my mind focused at least. :o

Had a nice piece of choc cake at the inlaws and spend some time with them - they will be off to Madeira on Sunday and BIL will follow a week later. So ... we need to text or e-mail them with the result on Monday.

Sunday, 20 May 2007


Well... that's game 2 out of 3 against the Tigers done now ... both home games done, so we just have a trip to Cambuslang.

Our scheduling is just absolutely not in our favours this year - last game we had a game at Easter Road (Hibs against Celtic I think it was) and today was the FA Cup. Just no way to get a decent crowd into the stadium!!! And the weather was really not on our side this time either ... I felt like being at a Claymores training session at Stepps!! Rain, Sunshine, Rain, Stormy winds ... at least we didn't have snow/hail this time!! ;)

As for me ... Doug relieved me off my duties as Team Trainer today, because of the current situation. So all I did was taking pictures ... with a nearly empty battery and reduced disk space on my big CF Card!! ARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!

Still managed good shots and lots of them ... and the game was in our favour again, although 28:20 is too close for my liking!!! :o Hope we can get that sorted for the next game in July.

Else ... it's Day 6 from EC and my embies should be at blastocyst stage now ... and probably look like this. Hold on, little ones!!!

It's quite weird how your brain works/doesn't work properly. Today was soo cold that I really fancied a cuppa during half-time... MIL was about to pour me a cup when I suddenly realised - HEY, THAT'S CAFFEINE!!! And that's a big nono at the moment (well... to be sure). so I just took an apple juice. :( At the pub I had 2 pints of pineapple juice ... LOL... Apparently that helps the embies to stick! :D

Thursday, 17 May 2007

A little bit pregnant... (TMI - too much information warning)

... that's what I am since 11:30am today. :) And nobody can tell me that "this doesn't exist"... :)

The embryologist was very happy, we have 2 embies back on board, one being a grade 1 (didn't have that last year!!!) and the other being a grade 2.

Nice numbers of cells as well.... :)

Had a bit trouble with the speculum (as usual - they explained they are not allowed to use lubricant because it is not good for the embies). Then the picture was a bit unclear ... and that being with a full bladder... the consultant said "you are a bit on the bigger side - no offence"... LOL. He really knows how to put stuff past me... ;) But I just replied "Wouldn't surprise me if the bladder is not where it's supposed to be - considering where my ovaries are!"

So... now it's today and tomorrow taking it very slowly, probably spending time on the couch - don't care what Doug is saying about that. I didn't do it last time, it's recommended for the first 4 days in the Zita West book. Maybe that will help us to a BFP (big fat positive) this time!!

Went to see Julia, my "voodoo master" (acupuncturist) for a post ET needling, and she is very happy with me - but we agreed I will go back onto detox again, just to keep everything "clean". ;)

On a different note - I signed my life away to be a temp for SW - quite a nice rate as well, and will be working next Wednesday for a couple of hours to do the monthly deposits run and then go back 2 days per week come 11th June. :)

Ack... have flurries in front of my eyes ... hope I won't get a migraine ... weather is absolutely muggy, and I wish we would have a nice thunderstorm from time to time (like them really, as long as I am indoors).

Oh... here is a picture how our E1 & E2 should be looking like right now... I think the embryologist mentioned "9 cell" for one but I am not sure!!!

And finally - the leftover 4 embryos have ALL BEEN FROZEN!!!! So 100% success rate on the embies front!! :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Now that's me put into perspective...

Just read a post from one of the other ERI girls on Fertility Friends with the results of her EC (egg collection).

She got 10 eggs out ... and NONE fertilised. .... Now THAT'S HARSH!!

I'm off to stand in my little corner now ... :(

Mmmh... apparently the embies are supposed to look like this now.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Well... looks like I will be back at my old work again on Thursday for a talk with Adecco and then have 1 day working (for a special "control" I used to do for 6.5 years) ... and will be back for 2 days per week from 11th June for a bit.

Funny that, specially after I've said I don't want to go back to that company... :o

Well, I am going to concentrate on studying again come June as I suspect that the next re-sit for the 2nd part of my diploma will be in August.

Day 1

Right, phoned ERI - no reply so left a message for them to phone back.

And the results are through... 6 fertilised eggs, 5 fertilised abnormally, 1 was too small and the other one didn't show any reaction at all.... :o

So, that means it's about 1/2 that fertilised ... last time we had 8 fertilised with less eggs, so I just hope that the grading is better.

Not enough grade 1 & 2s though, means we're going for a day 3 transfer instead of blastocyst (we would have needed 5 embies graded 1 or 2).

Feeling a bit worried now .... just hope that the little ones hang in there, do the nice cell splitting and keep growing until Thursday when I hopefully will get 2 on board again.

Monday, 14 May 2007

EC today...

Went in to ERI for 8am and was ushered to the recovery room to get changed and go over forms etc. Nothing new there - like the constant dash to the loo (they tell you not to drink anything after 7am and while you are sticking to the rule you still think you have to go all the time!!!).

Anaestethist (sp?) looked a bit like one of our ex Players, which is always quite funny!! :) They confirmed that I didn't have a GA (general anaestethic) last time even though I was out. Suppose, I didn't have a Guedeltubus (i.e. wasn't intubated), so was just (!!!) sedated. LOL. Took them a little bit again to get into my vein, but canula was in and I got the nice cocktail... and was out again.

Came back, just enough to take in the result (13 eggs) and to say bye to DH who went to work for a couple of hours and then went back to sleep with another whiff of CO2. :)

Was the only EC this time, but there were 4 ETs (embryo transfers) going on so the nurses and the other specialist came over to talk to me for a bit.

Now it's just keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow to get the result ... hoping that the fertilisation goes well ...

Number game: We had 19 follies with 13 eggs this time, last year was 27 follies with 10 eggs.

13 is a lucky number on my side of the family, I've got 3 family members who were born on the 13th (none on a Friday as far as I remember). And the of course #13 is Dan Marino's jersey number. :)

And even spookier ... we're going to have our blood test on the 28th May ... my dad's birthday!!!!

Soooooo ... fingers, toes, legs crossed please... :D

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Finished a CJ Entry ...

Here's yet another CJ entry from the SBS Forum, this time Andrea's. :) Her theme is "Inspiration".

I've been using some of the "Spades Mystery kit" from the last UKS Cyber Crop and some of the beautiful Booming Blossoms Kit I got from Rebeccah! :)

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

3x in the city

Have been out into town twice already - first to EFREC, and then off to meet my friend Fiona for lunch. Was late for that as UPS turned up (FINALLY) with the Jerseys for the Junior Wolves and somehow we had to pay VAT & Customs for it (which was wrong as we had a deal with Wilson for that as far as I know). So dashing about the house to find one of our cheque books.... ;)

Lunch with Fi was nice, talking about lots of things and came a couple of times back to the fact that my old work (SW) was wondering if I'd be happy to come back and help out ... so on the way back I phoned them, couldn't speak to the temporary boss but left message to call me back.

I talked to the boss, told him what I have done (My name is beside lots of team controls still ... I left the place about 7 months ago!!! ;) ) and what my availability is ... I said 2 days (14 hours) per week and only from first full week June (due to the 2ww - 2 week wait). He's going to check with "the powers that be" and will get back to me next week.

Work wouldn't be so bad ... IF we have a BFN then it would be good for me to keep out of the house and around people, to prevent any depression flaring up (which I am prone to anyway... runs in the family). And hey, if we get a BFP then I could work my time until I've to stop working and get some money in ... I cannae charge anyone just yet for the Sports Therapy stuff as I am not qualified, and once I resit my exam (got invite for 15th May but in the middle of IVF, so won't go there) in August (I suspect that month, seems to be every 3 months) I can still work at SW and do the therapist stuff. :)

Had to phone ACU re blood test .. apparently my hormone levels are too high, so I have to reduce my dosage yet again to 112 units... means I have to use more liquid and then pull up less ... what a joy, eh? But at least ERI reacts to high levels this time. Spoke to Carmel who confirmed they are a little worried about OHSS borderline again for me ... so guess who's going to drink lots of water now???? :D

Off to meet Doug in town now ... we're going to see "NEXT" at the cinema. :)

Scan #1

And my goodie how my body is reacting to the Menopur!! :) I've got 10+ follicles in each ovary, and they are growing fast as well!! Apparently I am today (day 6 of treatment) at the same stage as I was on day 9 last year!!! :D They've now reduced my dosage and I've got my next scan on Friday ... I may have EC on MONDAY depending on the sizes of the follies on Friday. :o

So that's the good thing ... and then I finally read the discussion topic on Scotsman/Evening news about NHS Funding for IVF and I'm totally shocked at the negative comments from people there!!! DH has been posting on there, so have some friends from the ERI girls ... I can't even think of putting my angry thoughts about those ignorants into words, so won't post a comment on that link.... =:0

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Happy NSD (National Scrapbooking Day in USA)

Might actually get some scrapping done tonight while Doug's doing the score board for the league.

Wonder if there's anything interesting out there, although I had already a little nosey around Christiane's and Andrea's blogs which have NSD challenges up just now! :)

Hopefully will be able to show some LOs at the end of the weekend!! :)

On the home improvement front ... I am currently getting a loft ladder (not the nice wide wooden one, which doesn't fit between the beams, but a aluminium one which will live up in the loft!!) and we're still discussing the bath.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Einmal ein Deutscher Eintrag!!! :)

Bin von meiner "alten" Freundin "Josie" (Astrid) getagged worden - wusste gar nicht, dass sie auch unter die Blogger gegangen ist!! :) Nun versuch ich mal einen Eintrag auf Deutsch (mit englischer Uebersetzung) und schau dann mal, wem ich das "Blog Stoeckchen" rueberschmeisse.
"FASS DICH KURZ" (nach dem Motto der Deutschen Post)

* Translation: one of my old friends, Josie (Astrid) tagged me - didn't know she's a blogger as well!! :) I'll try a German entry now (with English translation) and see, whom I am going to tag then. "KEEP IT SHORT" (slogan of the Deutsche Post - German Mail).

1.) Wo ist Dein Handy? (where is your mobile?)
Schlafzimmer (bedroom)

2.) Dein Partner? (your partner?)
Schotte (Scots)

3.) Deine Haare? (your hair?)
kastanie (angeblich) (apparently chestnut)

4.) Deine Mama? (your mom?)
Lustig (funny)

5.) Dein Papa? (your dad?)
Bierbauch *grins* (beer belly)

6.) Lieblingsgegenstand? (favourite item?)

7.) Dein Traum von letzter Nacht? (your dream last night?)
Konfus (confusing)

8.) Dein Lieblingsgetränk? (favourite drink?)
Tee (tea)

9.) Dein Traumauto? (favourite car?)
faehrt und hat platz (drives and has space)

10.) Der Raum in dem Du dich befindest? (which room are you in now?)
Arbeitszimmer (study)

11.) Dein Ex? (your ex boyfriend?)
Geschichte (History)

12.) Deine Angst? (your fear?)
Krieg (War)

13.) Was möchtest Du in 10 Jahren sein? (what do you want to be in 10 years?)
Mutter (Mother)

14.) Mit wem verbrachtest Du den gestrigen Abend? (who did you spent last evening with?)
Markus & Doug

15.) Was bist Du nicht? (what are you not?)
Ordentlich (tidy)

16.) Das letzte was Du getan hast? (the last thing you've done?)
Abendessen (dinner)

17.) Was trägst Du? (what are you wearing?)
Wolves T & Jogginghose (Wolves T & jogging bottoms)

18.) Dein Lieblingsbuch? (favourite book?)
Mein Scrapbuch :D (my scrapbook! :D )

19.) Das letzte was Du gegessen hast? (what's the last thing you've eaten?)
Karottensuppe (carrot soup)

20.) Dein Leben? (your life?)
Auf und ab (up and down)

21.) Deine Stimmung? (your mood?)
wechselhaft (variable)

22.) Deine Freunde? (your friends?)
vielfaeltig (multi faceted)

23.) Woran denkst Du gerade? (what do you think just now?)
Spritzen (injections)

24.) Was machst Du gerade? (what are you doing just now?)
bloggen (blogging)

25.) Dein Sommer? (your summer?)
BAFL (British American Football League)

26.) Was läuft in Deinem TV? (what's on your TV just now?)
nix (nothing)

27.) Wann hast Du das letzte Mal gelacht? (when did you laugh for the last time?)
gestern (yesterday)

28.) Das letzte Mal geweint? (when did you cry the last time?)
Frust (frustration)

29.) Schule? (school?)
in Deutschland (in Germany)

30.) Was hörst Du gerade? (what do you hear just now?)
Festplatte (hard drive)

31.) Liebste Wochenendbeschäftigung? (favourite activity on weekends?)
Spiele der Wolves (Wolves Games)

32.) Traumjob? (dream job?)
Sporttherapeut (Sports Therapist)

33.) Dein Computer? (your computer?)
Wichtig (important)

34.) Außerhalb Deines Fensters? (outside your window?)
Blauer Himmel & Daecher (blue sky & rooftops)

35.) Bier? (Beer?)
selten (rarely)

36.) Mexikanisches Essen? (mexican food?)
Chip *grins* (Chip *grin*)

37.) Winter?
Schnee (snow)

38.) Religion?
Agnostikerin (agnostic)

39.) Urlaub? (holiday?)
selten (rare)

40.) Auf Deinem Bett? (on your bed?)
Grosses Kissen (big pillow)

41.) Liebe? (love?)

Ich schmeiss mal das Stoeckchen an Nat, Christiane und Andrea.

Interesting little thing - VisualDNA

Found the link on Jakey's blog ... quite like it and probably has me to a "T". :)

Tomorrow is Day 1

Had another scan today to check whether my cysts have increased size again but all is ready to go for tomorrow .... and this time it will be only 10 - 14 days on the stuff as I am already fully down regulated... :D

Shame I have been on Zoladex for 6 months, so won't get my Puregon Pen (it's like an epi-pen, easy to use etc.) but have to use Menopur ... where I have to mix powder and liquid together (now, that reminds me of my "Sani" Kurse (about a bit like medic or paramedic over here I believe). First injection is tomorrow .... so I am not 100% sure if I look forward to it.

All in all I seem to have about 10 - 12 follies (follicles) to deal with this time. Let's just hope that they all react, that I won't have any growing cysts and that the OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome) stays away - I was borderline OHSS last year ... is it really a full year ago since I started my full cycle? Geeeesh! It's just scary with all those disruptions, isn't it? :o

So ... think of me for the next 10 - 14 days (and then 2 weeks after that again).

Beltane 2007 (Photos may offend, sorry!)

Ack! We were late!!! :o Apparently they open the gates at 8pm but we arrived about 8:30pm! But hey, apart from throngs of people getting along Princes Street to Calton Hill everything was fine. :)

Quite a crowd ... multinational, lots of French there, also a couple of Germans. ;) We walked up the way, didn't have anything in our bags that the security people would have to confiscate. So got up the steps, around the hill and were nearly at the place behind the observatory when Markus said he wasn't feeling so well. He doesn't seem to respond well to salads (gosh, I don't think I could survive that!! LOVE my salads!!!). So we went searching for the toilets.

Found them, couldn't see any apparent queue for it so Markus went in the next free one. That's when I realised that there was a HUGE queue for them!!!! OOOPS!! But who's so stupid to put up 6 Dixies for 12000 people????? I am sure that's not within the guidelines for such events (and will have to feed back to the organisers provided I remember!). Seeing the queue I decided NOT to go to the loo and try to hold it in until we get home. I had a look at the brochures they had on a table (and I thought the queue was for that) and nearly had a giggle there ... Beltane being a pagan festival, and all the brochures were for CHRISTIANITY!!!! LOL! Now who's trying to get the black sheep back to the congregation???? ;) Shame there weren't any brochures about paganism/druidism etc, THAT would have been very interesting for me.

Fortunately, Markus was feeling better when he returned to me, so we searched for a nice spot in front of the "Acropolis" where the whole shebang seemed to start (as per the map the procession would start there).

It took another 45 mins until it was dark enough for them to light the first fires - around 3 symbols (photos in the slideshow). Too many people around, lots of French shouting (I am not having a go at the French, one of my friends is French, but it was predominant!! ;) ) and a bit confusion as to what is going on.

Then the procession started - the May Queen with her white women and the blue men. Calton Hill is not the best place to stage things like that because of its dips and rises, so I missed about 75% of the procession, the 4 different elements (and the invocations at each of them). Shame really... :( So when we found the bonfire place, I decided to stay there so I could at least see something!!!

Markus, being the height he is, was looking around, watching bits and bobs and feeding back the things I couldn't see (the whole attack of the red men etc.). Wonder if I should try it again next year or so, but not sure if I should bother again with that amount of people (and 50% of them not even interested in the whole background!!!).

But I saw at least something!!! The lighting of the bonfire by the May Queen and her companion, the Green Man (previously the Horned One). That was very interesting, seeing the Blue Men, Red Men (and women) and the White Women. And seeing some of the Red "Men" (women) I could see WHY some people were up here ... they were wearing a G-String and nothing else!!! *gasp* I was freezing wearing my jacket and jumper!!! How did they manage???? But yes, lots of bare chested women! ;)

The bonfire was HUGE ... and lots of sparks going everywhere as the Scottish Weather was hitting again (windy, foggy .. just eerie!). Was a little scary, but we survived ok, just a few bits of ash on our bags and jackets, but no holes and no singed hair. :)

After the lighting of the bonfire there was lots of dancing (red men & white women with the blue men somewhere as well) and the red men (and women) did acrobatics as well - pyramids etc. Quite impressive, and I could actually SEE something! :)

We left Calton Hill around 1am and went to get a 26 bus home ... first time in a long time I'd taken the night bus home, and paying £1.50/£2.50 respectively was not nice ... Glad that I took more money with me - Doug said it would be only £1 for me with my bus pass.

All in all a very interesting day and night. I think I'd do it again, but could do with less people there (just remove all the ogling men/women and drunkards who are just after a drinking session!!!). We'll see.

Little interesting thing ... I am going to start my stimms soon - Sharon said it's a good sign starting injections so quickly after Beltane, which is after all a fertility thing!! :D