Thursday, 17 May 2007

A little bit pregnant... (TMI - too much information warning)

... that's what I am since 11:30am today. :) And nobody can tell me that "this doesn't exist"... :)

The embryologist was very happy, we have 2 embies back on board, one being a grade 1 (didn't have that last year!!!) and the other being a grade 2.

Nice numbers of cells as well.... :)

Had a bit trouble with the speculum (as usual - they explained they are not allowed to use lubricant because it is not good for the embies). Then the picture was a bit unclear ... and that being with a full bladder... the consultant said "you are a bit on the bigger side - no offence"... LOL. He really knows how to put stuff past me... ;) But I just replied "Wouldn't surprise me if the bladder is not where it's supposed to be - considering where my ovaries are!"

So... now it's today and tomorrow taking it very slowly, probably spending time on the couch - don't care what Doug is saying about that. I didn't do it last time, it's recommended for the first 4 days in the Zita West book. Maybe that will help us to a BFP (big fat positive) this time!!

Went to see Julia, my "voodoo master" (acupuncturist) for a post ET needling, and she is very happy with me - but we agreed I will go back onto detox again, just to keep everything "clean". ;)

On a different note - I signed my life away to be a temp for SW - quite a nice rate as well, and will be working next Wednesday for a couple of hours to do the monthly deposits run and then go back 2 days per week come 11th June. :)

Ack... have flurries in front of my eyes ... hope I won't get a migraine ... weather is absolutely muggy, and I wish we would have a nice thunderstorm from time to time (like them really, as long as I am indoors).

Oh... here is a picture how our E1 & E2 should be looking like right now... I think the embryologist mentioned "9 cell" for one but I am not sure!!!

And finally - the leftover 4 embryos have ALL BEEN FROZEN!!!! So 100% success rate on the embies front!! :)


scraptime-anja said...

Oh das ist echt spannend. Ich drück Dir die Daumen, dass die beiden da bleiben wo sie hinsollen. Schon Dich..

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Ooh - really hoping everything works out. Taking it easy this weekend sounds a very good idea.

Anam_Kihaku said...

YEAH!!!! you!! sending tons of positive vuibes your way.. you POS every day to see the trigger leave or do they not do a trigger with you ?

when is your beta? so excited for you :)