Monday, 14 May 2007

EC today...

Went in to ERI for 8am and was ushered to the recovery room to get changed and go over forms etc. Nothing new there - like the constant dash to the loo (they tell you not to drink anything after 7am and while you are sticking to the rule you still think you have to go all the time!!!).

Anaestethist (sp?) looked a bit like one of our ex Players, which is always quite funny!! :) They confirmed that I didn't have a GA (general anaestethic) last time even though I was out. Suppose, I didn't have a Guedeltubus (i.e. wasn't intubated), so was just (!!!) sedated. LOL. Took them a little bit again to get into my vein, but canula was in and I got the nice cocktail... and was out again.

Came back, just enough to take in the result (13 eggs) and to say bye to DH who went to work for a couple of hours and then went back to sleep with another whiff of CO2. :)

Was the only EC this time, but there were 4 ETs (embryo transfers) going on so the nurses and the other specialist came over to talk to me for a bit.

Now it's just keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow to get the result ... hoping that the fertilisation goes well ...

Number game: We had 19 follies with 13 eggs this time, last year was 27 follies with 10 eggs.

13 is a lucky number on my side of the family, I've got 3 family members who were born on the 13th (none on a Friday as far as I remember). And the of course #13 is Dan Marino's jersey number. :)

And even spookier ... we're going to have our blood test on the 28th May ... my dad's birthday!!!!

Soooooo ... fingers, toes, legs crossed please... :D

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