Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Nice day away from all...

We left early this morning for Newcastle ... wanted to go to the Metro Centre (to eat at Big Luke's :) and go shopping) and Doug wanted to show me Whitley Bay (he lived there as a child and I've never been ... and would be my first seaside resort in the UK!!! :) )

Left an hour later than planned, and it was all a drissle in Edinburgh, but we believed in the MET Centre and hoped for nicer weather down in Northern England. :) As it was, we just came towards the Coastal Route in Northumberland and the sun came out! :) We got onto the coastal route a bit north of Bamburgh, as I wanted to see that place (a couple of fellow scrappers from UKS are going to the beach there from time to time). Beautiful beaches, a bit tacky in the smaller seaside resorts (but then - not as bad as the Canadian side of Niagara Falls!!!) and nice castles. We saw Bamburgh and then drove through Warksworth, where DH ended up by accident when he was a student! :)

Knicker checking during the trip was weird ... at Berwick I had some weird spotting (kinda grainy ... I was wondering if that was implantation bleed??), then the stops in between nothing!!!

Arriving at Whitley Bay and a beautiful sunshine!!! What a lovely Seaside resort!!! Love the place really, even though it is a bit tacky as well... ;) We had a look at the house where DH lived a few (?) years in his childhood, then parked the car at the beach and went for a walk. And me being me ... I just had to take off my shoes and walk barefoot in the sand and the sea! GREAT FEELING!!! :) Makes me always feel free when I can do that. :)

Had lunch at the Rendezvous Cafe at the beach and that was when I started bleeding stronger ... :( I am not sure what's going on.

Because we spent soo much time in Whitley Bay and on the Coastal route, we decided to go straight to the MetroCentre, go shopping and then for dinner at "Big Luke's" (BBQ AYCE - all you can eat- Buffet). We were driving a couple of times around the industrial estate but couldn't find Hobbycrafts!!! :( Finally went into Toys R Us and asked there ... and found out
that Hobbycrafts is actually at "Team Valley" shopping area. So skipped that and went straight to MetroCentre (after a bit of searching how to get into the yellow car park LOL). Went to Chocolate Soup (somehow too posh for me, but got a mini slab (Dark Choc Walnut) and Hot Chocolate Pearls Cinnamon), DH got some fudge at Thorntons and then I got myself some more stuff for my bonsai (which are coming along nicely ... will have to plant them and then will update with a photo here!). DH got a few (???! :) ) jellybeans ... and YES, THE GARLIC ONE DOES TASTE OF GARLIC!!!! :D

Usual knicker check didn't show ANYTHING!!! So my body was really taking the mick! :( And then again, after dinner at Big Luke's (Sharon: Not as good as we'd expected ... so will have to go somewhere else if we meet up there at some point! :D ) when I had to "pop a bullet" (i.e. the progesterone pessary) I started bleeding again. I am not sure what's going on, DH said it's his DNA, late arrival and all that ... ;) I think it could still be a BFP on Monday!!!

Oh! And we found something for CHIP at the MetroCentre ....
QUIZNOS!!! Apparently a better sandwich place than Subway, but as we were eating at Big Luke's we couldn't try it. :( Got the flyer though, and even better news ... they will open a subsidiary in GLASGOW!!! :) Now ... when are they coming to Edinburgh?

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