Monday, 28 May 2007


After mad dashes to the toilet since yesterday evening (about every 25 mins or so) we went to the clinic for the blood test.

Coming home, watching "Justice League Unlimited" DVDs in bed ... called ACU at 12:15pm for the result ... and what does DH get? Biochemical pregnancy with hCG Level 27!!!! :( 50+ is normal pregnancy, 5 and lower is a negative.

Soooo... what the heck is going on? Clinic is not very positive that I will end up with a BFP, I've searched on FF and there are a few who went with a low hCG Level to a BFP.

New Blood test on Monday. So that means we are most likely to have a negative, but we cannot go on holiday because it's not written in stone yet!!!! :( $%&*@ !!!

Am I feeling positive .. well.. not really, no. And DH is totally shattered. :( As if the whole process is not enough, now we have to get that rubbish as well!!!!

Stinking headache, pulling pain on the left side where the left ovary is supposed to sit (but mine isn't there) .... clinic said it could be ectopic as well... soooo ... that could be anywhere then! :(

Can't believe they let me wait until next Monday for next blood test though. Usually the hCG levels should double every day.... Surely Thursday should be enough?


Joanne said...

Hi Kat, sorry you dont have a result yet and are in limbo for another week. sending hugs in your direction :) Jojo xx

sharonfruit said...

*big hugz* Hoping for good news next week. It's really not fair for them to keep you waiting so long :o(

S xx

Anam_Kihaku said...


if it helps fay was 22 at 18dpo... and seems to be alive and kicking right down.. the single numebr on its own tells NTOHIGN, you need the seocn dnumber.. every 72 hours is best for hcg results. i eel for you big time. wish i could do more.

hang in there ok.