Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Day 1

Right, phoned ERI - no reply so left a message for them to phone back.

And the results are through... 6 fertilised eggs, 5 fertilised abnormally, 1 was too small and the other one didn't show any reaction at all.... :o

So, that means it's about 1/2 that fertilised ... last time we had 8 fertilised with less eggs, so I just hope that the grading is better.

Not enough grade 1 & 2s though, means we're going for a day 3 transfer instead of blastocyst (we would have needed 5 embies graded 1 or 2).

Feeling a bit worried now .... just hope that the little ones hang in there, do the nice cell splitting and keep growing until Thursday when I hopefully will get 2 on board again.


Heather said...

Good luck, Kat and Doug. Thinking of and praying for you.

Lars said...

Keeping my fingers crossed Kat. Will be thinking of you