Tuesday, 8 May 2007

3x in the city

Have been out into town twice already - first to EFREC, and then off to meet my friend Fiona for lunch. Was late for that as UPS turned up (FINALLY) with the Jerseys for the Junior Wolves and somehow we had to pay VAT & Customs for it (which was wrong as we had a deal with Wilson for that as far as I know). So dashing about the house to find one of our cheque books.... ;)

Lunch with Fi was nice, talking about lots of things and came a couple of times back to the fact that my old work (SW) was wondering if I'd be happy to come back and help out ... so on the way back I phoned them, couldn't speak to the temporary boss but left message to call me back.

I talked to the boss, told him what I have done (My name is beside lots of team controls still ... I left the place about 7 months ago!!! ;) ) and what my availability is ... I said 2 days (14 hours) per week and only from first full week June (due to the 2ww - 2 week wait). He's going to check with "the powers that be" and will get back to me next week.

Work wouldn't be so bad ... IF we have a BFN then it would be good for me to keep out of the house and around people, to prevent any depression flaring up (which I am prone to anyway... runs in the family). And hey, if we get a BFP then I could work my time until I've to stop working and get some money in ... I cannae charge anyone just yet for the Sports Therapy stuff as I am not qualified, and once I resit my exam (got invite for 15th May but in the middle of IVF, so won't go there) in August (I suspect that month, seems to be every 3 months) I can still work at SW and do the therapist stuff. :)

Had to phone ACU re blood test .. apparently my hormone levels are too high, so I have to reduce my dosage yet again to 112 units... means I have to use more liquid and then pull up less ... what a joy, eh? But at least ERI reacts to high levels this time. Spoke to Carmel who confirmed they are a little worried about OHSS borderline again for me ... so guess who's going to drink lots of water now???? :D

Off to meet Doug in town now ... we're going to see "NEXT" at the cinema. :)


Heather said...

Ooh - so we might be colleagues again after all?

Anam_Kihaku said...

**hugs** keeping everythign positive for you guys**

ignore the bigots about nhs funding. they havent a clue.