Friday, 25 May 2007

No Mojo ...

Scrapbooking-wise. Haven't done anything in ages ... and ok, my brain just doesn't work at the moment for that. I hope I can do something once I have my result ... and hopefully it's going to be a positive one!!

I have been doing frantic Xstitch yesterday night and today though, MIL's birthday card. :)

Doug and I went over to see them in the afternoon, after I've spent nearly all day in bed (with crampy tummy, trapped wind - sorry TMI - and else totally worried about the whole result). Stitching kept my mind focused at least. :o

Had a nice piece of choc cake at the inlaws and spend some time with them - they will be off to Madeira on Sunday and BIL will follow a week later. So ... we need to text or e-mail them with the result on Monday.

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