Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Scan #1

And my goodie how my body is reacting to the Menopur!! :) I've got 10+ follicles in each ovary, and they are growing fast as well!! Apparently I am today (day 6 of treatment) at the same stage as I was on day 9 last year!!! :D They've now reduced my dosage and I've got my next scan on Friday ... I may have EC on MONDAY depending on the sizes of the follies on Friday. :o

So that's the good thing ... and then I finally read the discussion topic on Scotsman/Evening news about NHS Funding for IVF and I'm totally shocked at the negative comments from people there!!! DH has been posting on there, so have some friends from the ERI girls ... I can't even think of putting my angry thoughts about those ignorants into words, so won't post a comment on that link.... =:0

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