Sunday, 20 May 2007


Well... that's game 2 out of 3 against the Tigers done now ... both home games done, so we just have a trip to Cambuslang.

Our scheduling is just absolutely not in our favours this year - last game we had a game at Easter Road (Hibs against Celtic I think it was) and today was the FA Cup. Just no way to get a decent crowd into the stadium!!! And the weather was really not on our side this time either ... I felt like being at a Claymores training session at Stepps!! Rain, Sunshine, Rain, Stormy winds ... at least we didn't have snow/hail this time!! ;)

As for me ... Doug relieved me off my duties as Team Trainer today, because of the current situation. So all I did was taking pictures ... with a nearly empty battery and reduced disk space on my big CF Card!! ARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!

Still managed good shots and lots of them ... and the game was in our favour again, although 28:20 is too close for my liking!!! :o Hope we can get that sorted for the next game in July.

Else ... it's Day 6 from EC and my embies should be at blastocyst stage now ... and probably look like this. Hold on, little ones!!!

It's quite weird how your brain works/doesn't work properly. Today was soo cold that I really fancied a cuppa during half-time... MIL was about to pour me a cup when I suddenly realised - HEY, THAT'S CAFFEINE!!! And that's a big nono at the moment (well... to be sure). so I just took an apple juice. :( At the pub I had 2 pints of pineapple juice ... LOL... Apparently that helps the embies to stick! :D

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