Sunday, 27 May 2007

Day before blood test...

... and I am going totally nuts. It's just not fair that symptoms during a 2ww (2 week wait) can point in 3 directions ... either it's from the "bullets" (progesteron pessaries), a sign for the period to start or the long awaited signs for getting a positive result!!!

Couldn't go back to sleep this morning at 7:30am after I have "put the bullet in", watched a bit TV (gosh... I KNOW why we're out at JKC on Sundays ... there's absolutely NOTHING on TV!!!), packed the bag with the Kit for Doug to take to JKC and then went searching for a piece of paper which is missing from the last game day - suffice to say ... I couldn't find it, but the living room is a little bit tidier than it was before.

Have been spending a couple of hours reading my book "Crusaders Gold" by David Gibbins. I've read his book "Atlantis" last year and just had to buy the new one when I saw it at WHSmiths. It's one of the few things that keep me sane ... it's far too easy to read pregnancy books over and over again!!

Still staying away from the HPT (home pregnancy test) ... I had my hCG injection 2 weeks ago and that may still distort the result. I didn't do an HPT last year either ... but then I didn't need one, as my period (AF) appeared the day before the blood test ... i.e. equivalent to today. No sign of AF this time ... but then... I have been worried about the fact that I was for 6 months on Zolly and that it may not show an AF until longer time afterwards ... Not wanting to get my hopes up ... but really could do with a positive result tomorrow!!!!

Dinner tonight is going to be white asparagus (YAY!!!) from MACRO with ham, potatos and Sauce Hollandaise. Can't wait!! :)

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