Friday, 30 May 2008

Some crafty stuff

I actually got some scrapping and card making done in the last couple of weeks! SHOCK, HORROR!! ;) And hope I'll get more done soon, but with the Wolves Senior AND Junior season already on, I doubt there will be much time. :o

So here it goes ... I've done a WOLVES layout again!! After scrapping at crops only Wolves photos in 2003/04 I haven't touched them much since 2006 I think. But I am planning o
n doing more on that subject, probably starting with this year's photos and work my way back to 2004.

I still have to add the journalling and the 2nd part of the title (Liz from the crop didn't have her Lollipop Number Dies with her in May) but will get that done soon. :)

Then I've been preparing a blank wedding LO for a member of Dani's Forum in Germany - it's agreed in a little group of ladies who are in the same Circle Journal. :) We all kept it to the same colour scheme with beige as the background and then either green or dark red as contras
t. Shame the photo does it not justice, I used a creme patterned paper with white swirls and grey script in places on the LHS matting the light green photo mat... you cannot see it at all really (scanner problem I think).

I also nearly finished my friends' wedding album ... just the front page to be done and am not sure how I am going to do that... hohummm... any suggestions? Should have the names, wedding date and the place, but should I print or stamp it?

Used the HOTP 8x8 Wedding Paper & Cardstock stacks, small prima flowers, See Ds Elegant (?) Alphabet stamps and Swirl stamps from
Banana Frog. (and yes I know ... the alphabet has caused me trouble a couple of times ... just couldn't get the right "l" :) Hope the happy couple will forgive me for that!! :o )

And then my cards - some of them were done in a hurry, so not too happy with them... :( They're done in the last 2 months.

Phew!! Well... off to cook dinner now! :)

In the works again...

Do you see this???

And this???

means I am back in the works again! Scan today showed lining is very thin, so I will start stims next Thursday. :o The scan also showed some fluid in the uterine cavity, so I'll have to take antibiotics a couple of days prior to EC. They didn't say where it came from, but assured us that it won't affect the IVF cycle.

Well... let's just hope that. eh?

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Starting out...

I'm one month behind, but am going to start out now... :)

Planning on doing Shimelle's "Scrap Your Day" - the class itself started last month, but with all going on then I just didn't have the time. But will try my best (still have to do my album! :0 ).

I woke up with a headache, about to get everything ready for senior training ... just had breakfast so I can take a tablet. Last time I didn't eat anything and even the Paracetamol didn't agree with me! :(

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Junior Wolves Tournament #2

We've hosted our annual Tournament (at least 5 of the Scottish Teams host a tourney each year) yesterday and apart from a couple of glitches (now ... who forgot the blinking balls at home??? :o ) all went well.

Our Juniors are improving even from the last tournament from 2 weeks ago, and looking promising for Youth and then after that for Seniors!!

We're in burgundy in one game and white in the rest of them. Silver lids only! :)

There are some photos of non-Wolves games (think mainly Fife Fire as some of our senior players/coaches coach them).

Results from the tournament:

Fife Fire 26 - 49 Glasgow Tigers
Edinburgh Wolves 6 - 56 Clyde Valley Falcons
Glasgow Tigers 46 - 6 Highland Wildcats
Edinburgh Wolves 55 - 19 Fife Fire
Clyde Valley Falcons 36 - 0 Highland Wildcats
Edinburgh Wolves 19 - 57 Glasgow Tigers
Clyde Valley Falcons 69 - 19 Fife Fire
Edinburgh Wolves 36 - 19 Highland Wildcats
Clyde Valley Falcons 50 - 34 Glasgow Tigers
Fife fire 16 - 0 Highland Wildcats

Final Standings for the Tournament

4 - 0 : Clyde Valley
3 - 1 : Glasgow Tigers
2 - 2 : Edinburgh Wolves
1 - 3 : Fife Fire
0 - 4 : Highland Wildcats

Scottish Standings:
1. Clyde Valley
2. Glasgow Tigers
3. Edinburgh Wolves
4. Fife Fire
5. Dundee Thunder
6. Highland/Inverness Wildcats
7. West Coast Trojans


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

I'm a daffodil! :)

Haven't had a Blogthing or somethign like that in a while, so here you go ...

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

Monday, 5 May 2008

Merseyside Nighthawks vs. Edinburgh Wolves

A few impressions from Sunday ... still trying to get to grips with my new lens but getting there I think.

The most important thing ...

Which is nice ... to start the HOME season with a win! :)

Very nice touch from our coach - the players came out all side by side in a wide spread line - FAB! Like coming out as "one man". Add to that the song "Sirius" from Alan Parsons Project (used for quite a lot of sports teams in the USA) and that just grants a goosebump effect! ;)

And yes, that's David "Magic" Molloy out of retirement again. :) Welcome back to the pack, Magic!!

I'm now off to bed ... cold turned yesterday evening into a full blown sinusitis and I am feeling crap. Probably will switch tomorrow's work day to Thursday.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Battling the cold...

Was considering to eat more fruit anyway, since we've been to Germany, as my mum's going through quite a lot over the day. She always cuts them up in a bowl and they always look very yummie!! :)

So on my way back from the "drive through" post box (ha! THAT'S an experience ... it's at the Post Collection Office Sighthill at Cutlins Road!! A post box that is getting emptied at 7:30pm so always good to know!) I went to Tesco's and got some yummie Pears (don't like the squishy soft ones!) and a Pineapple ... and here is my dessert for today:

Yummie Pineapple, Pear and Plum (in the bottom of the bowl).

Got a cold... :(

Don't know where/how I got it, but there you go - sore throat, sinusitis headache, that cotton wool feeling in my head, a bit sniffy and from time to time a cough. Ack! :( Not the best time to fall ill ... we've got a blimming Wolves game on Sunday... our first home game to boot!

Hopefully I'll be able to keep it in check a little ... much to do, and tomorrow eve we're meeting up with some players at the UCG to watch "Iron Man".

Now... off to get another cuppa, see what the washing is doing and then doing the tag for Babs' CJ entry so I can send it off tomorrow morning.