Monday, 19 October 2009


Today I spent downstairs on the couch - wanted to do soooo much ... read my Card Making mags for inspiration for Xmas cards, read my anatomy book & study notes, do some Xstitch, actually get a late birthday card done for Sharon ... and what did I do? I've watched 1 movie we had on Sky+ for Donkeys, ordered some scrapbooking stuff for the Advent Calendar at Dani's Forum, cooked the lamb shoulder (well.. prepped it and put it in the oven) and emptied the dishwasher (too much bending over there ... bad Kat!!).

That was about it. Oh ... and I did a lot of browsing. Bad thing really, have to reduce that!! :o

Had planned to pick DH up at his parents but at around 4:30pm I suddenly got a slump ... not sure if that's the anaesthetics still in my body, or if I'd overdone it afterall yesterday ... but I could have fallen asleep on the spot! :o So ... obviously didn't pick DH up.

AP kindly did the veggies for dinner, and DH did the reheating ... right now we're watching "Flash Forward" and I am tired again/still.

In my defense - I didn't sleep well. Somehow my body didn't agree with me and the (for me) small pain niggles when moving around. And DH has a sinusitis coming on, so there was some snoring. And my brain was working some overtime as well...

Hope it's going better tonight ... and I hope to catch up with things tomorrow.

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Heather said...

I hope you feel better toay, Kat.