Monday, 19 April 2010

Not going! :(

That's it ... we're not going ... flight was cancelled this morning. WHAT A CRAPPY CRAPPY THING!! :(

Hoping now that my big sis is going to manage to install Skype on my mum's PC so we can do a video chat tomorrow.

Not sure if I'm going to work this week ... maybe going for 2 days ... not sure. Or maybe using this week to get the house tidied, the garden done (if the weather plays along) and some crafting maybe?

Signed up for the next UKS Cybercrop, which starts on Friday ... that might make me find my Mojo again... :o

Should be sitting in my mum's flat now or go shopping in Germany, have some "Mettbroetchen" or "Leberkaesebroetchen" ... CRAP! :(

All because of this one here...

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