Monday, 16 February 2009

Another quick update on mum

Well... we're back a step - my sis phoned me to let me know that the cartillage grafting didn't work out like the surgeons hoped. So mum is still with the tube/tracheotomy although I am not sure if it's still the metal one or if they are going to use the plastic one now as plan B? They managed to remove a skin flap though which was always blocking the tube and made breathing harder for her.

She's going home in 1-2 weeks and then has to go down to Munich for a follow up/maybe another OP in August.

Not sure if she would be thinking of flying to us in July then? Cabin pressure - does that affect people with tracheotomy?

Sooo... not all as good as it seems, but it's better than nothing really. Can only imagine how "down" my mum is right now. :(

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Heather said...

Sorry your Mum's not doing as well as hoped. Sending you a {hug}.