Friday, 17 August 2007

Got Sky + !!

Finally!! Only took them 3 attempts and a couple of angry calls from us... :o

The installation team arrived this morning at 9:15am and the whole thing was installed at 9:55am. Very quick! Had a bit of a worry when I searched our viewing card (one of the guys told me that we need to phone Sky and put in the viewing card) ... and couldn't find it!! We always had it in our old box so was totally annoyed when I couldn't find it!!

After phoning Sky and them talking me through it ... it appeared that the card was already in the new box! The empty slot I could see from the outside was for the entertainment card (whatever that is!). To my defense ... the opening thingy was at a different space than to the box shown in the instructions.

Feeling totally stupid now!!! :o

Have also been searching for the club's cheque book and still cannot find it... :( CRAPPY!!! Ah well, off to pay the dentist and then go ahead with clearing the scrap table.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

at last you have your Sky. yee ha. you woudl think they woudl tell you where the card is before they leave.......

Hope you find the cheque book