Saturday, 11 August 2007


Quite funny, since we booked the cruise I am reminiscing about my holidays as a child, the differences since growing up and all that. :) And I think watching Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes just tickled the memories even more out.

Since I can remember my family went camping... in tents. Austria, Spain, Hungary (at the Balaton) and the most vivid memories I have of camping in Funtana, south of Porec,then Yugoslavia (now Croatia). We must have been there a couple of years at the same camping ground. It was a FAB time (even my incident with jellyfish!), very good food and camping was just FUN!!! Amazing how you change when you get older.

I believe it was when I was 12 when I started to stay in hotels ... with my sister and her boyfriend that time in Cala Ratjada, Mallorca. And I don't think I went back to camping abroad since then.

Since I met Doug holidays were always in the US/Canada and the obligatory week in Germany. But now I am feeling like going back to camping or at least caravaning really ...

Have to write down my memories and then do some LOs for it ... even though I'll have to dig up some photos... The joys of a divorce child - my dad says the photos are at my mum's, and my mum says they're at my sis or my dad's. There's no rift anymore, my parents speak with each other for quite a while, but there still seems to be a confusion as to where all those photos and slides are ... :o Guess what I am doing during our week in Germany in April 2008!!! :o

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Dörte said...

Hi ... wenn ich das so lese mußt du unbedingt bei der Challenge von Maren teilnehmen ... ist glaub ich die Adresse ;o))) Wie gehts sonst ?? Ich drehe diverse Warteschleifen bin mehr oder weniger depressiv und nehme eher zu statt ab warum ich auch noch in der Warteschleife stehe .... LG Dörte