Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A day at the beach ...

Now, we thought it would be nice to have a trip down to Whitley Bay with my Mutsch and Gabi, just because both love beaches and haven't been to (North) England yet.

As we left it a little late to leave we decided to go to Bamburgh instead, along the Northumberland Costal Route.

Had a FABULOUS time at the beach, those dunes at Bamburgh beach are fantastic! :) Didn't play hide-and-seek though. Mutsch and I took of our shoes and went into the water for a bit. Was cool, but not too bad, and I just LOVE the feeling of my feet on sand and in water. There were a couple of people actually SWIMMING... not sure if I would have done it if I had my swimming cozy with me.

After the beach time we went to Seahouses for lunch, a nice fish and chips at the Neptune. The town is naff, totally touristy kitsch, but ok for food. :)

We left Seahouses at 3pm and took the scenic route back - including the East Lothian Coastal Route. Never been through those places (Dunbar, Gullane, Aberlady, North Berwick) and loved it. Nice little-ish towns on the sea. Just the place I probably would love to live.

Next year I would love to go to North Berwick and have a quick (?) dip in the outdoor pool. Looked interesting/intriguing. Never have been in that kind of a "sea pool" before.

And if someone could tell me what that white rock is called ... it's off the coast in East Lothian ... I think even before Dunbar.

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Heather said...

Jane Dean always raves about Bamburgh beach and it does look nice from your photos.

I should go sometime, since it's probably only an hour away.

(I don't think the North Berwick outdoor pool is bigger than a paddling pool now. Back in the "old days" it was big and deep enough for swimming.)