Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Isn't that just typical? I remembered two books I read as a child (because of Maren's Journalling Challenge - I hope I can do both this month!). Can I remember the title? NO. Can I remember the author or publisher? No, of course not!!!! :(

One of the books is a detective story/novel taking place on one of the Greek Islands. I've asked my Mutsch to check my old books but I have the funny feeling that I have probably given the book away when we moved house when I was 12 years old. Googling "Greek Islands" and "fiction" brings up 113+ PAGES of results (half of which are probably non fiction anyway!).

The other book is set in Germany - 2 kids (orphans) are travelling through the country to find their aunt in/near Berlin. I am sure it was after a nuclear war or something like that. We read the book in Secondary school, probably when I was about 12-13 years old.

.... TADA!!! Found the book!!! It's called "Die letzten Kinder von Schewenborn" ("The last children of Schewenborn"). Quite scary when I read it at that time, sobering and all that. But still a good book! Wonder if I should try to read it in English as well.... Actually, I am wondering if I remember the book "Die Wolke" from Gudrun Pausewang (same author) more than the other ... and just found out that this book was made into a movie in 2006!

Another book I read as a child and liked it very much was "Treffpunkt Weltzeituhr". A book about a 14-year-old girl in East Germany, getting trained in Swimming and has hopes to get to the Olympics - then she finds out her mother is from "the west". Another book we read in school.

Now ... Maren, I'll try to get a layout done for you!!! :)

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