Friday, 29 June 2007

Arrived in Leicester...

Quite nice campus (not as nice as the improved Heriot Watt though ;) ) and first time ever for me to be act ually at Uni and living "on site" ... We've got flats here, sharing ours (flat 1 of Prestwold) with Mel and Jamie (don't know him I think) and have to say it's quite a nice flat. Small-ish rooms ... not designed for couples, so Doug and I have one room each ... en-suite shower and loo and a communal kitchen.

Currently trying to get some channels to work on my laptop (TV) but I fear we won't get BBC1 or BBC3 on here :( Mobile phone doesn't get any signal either ... probably a steel cage ... :o My laptop has DTV, and we'd hoped to be able to record the last episode of DOCTOR WHO on it tomorrow night while we're at the Gala Dinner, but it doesn't look good. Wonder if we'd get any signal in the dining hall??? :D

Drive down was ok, I woke up with headaches/migraine, so felt totally zapped in the car and probably could have slept all way down the A1/M1. Eyes still hurt (seems to be a effect of the headaches) and that and the headaches made me decide not to join the lot at the pub. Considering the SMOKING BAN does not come into force until Sunday down here in England I think that's a wise decision. :o

Didn't have torrential rain on the way down like when we went to BritBowl XX last September, just the odd drizzle, but Doug was absolutely in a foul mood, moaning about drivers and all that (and gave me a hard time at the last bit when we didn't get the 100% correct route he printed out (Well... that's Multimap for you!!!) and because we missed our Hall of Residence by a couple of meters (not the best signs out there for drivers really!!!). Nearly bit my head off there!!! He's really angry and aggressive all the time lately (think for the last couple of months!!) and takes everything very personal. :(

Went to ASDA to get some food for us (Chinese takeaway for 2 - it's £2 per person for one main, choice of rice, one starter and prawn crackers!) - I had the Char Sui with Special Fried rice, a prawn wonton and Doug's got Duck with fried rice and a duck spring roll. Also got some Muffins just in case ... as you can see, the diet/detox is gone for the weekend... may as well, with the Gala dinner tomorrow evening, packed lunches (sandwiches, fruit, crisps) and a breakfast on Sunday morning.

*****NEWSFLASH!!! DOCTOR WHO & DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL IS SAVED*** (provided the channels are available tomorrow as well!! :O)

And other news ... The NFLE/NFL Europa is no more. Apparently there was an announcement today but we'll hear more tomorrow when Alistair Kirkwood will turn up. Am I sorry? Not anymore really ... Claymores were nastily axed, and for the GFL this means only positives ... Players are not being Nationals in the NFLE anymore and can play the full season with their GFL team. And for the BAFL ... not much difference, apart from youngsters having to aspire to play for College Teams or if you want to dream then NFL teams. Don't think the NFLE did get enough coverage in the UK to take credit for new rookies coming to the sport.

Ok... getting late now ... I am off to bed now... :)


Heather said...

You can record tv programmes on your laptop? That's pretty cool!

Anam_Kihaku said...

**hugs** i wish i could record for you but i cannot as dont have recordable dvd and SHAW/Rogers sportsnet is only on the tv... BUT you downlaod them i think direct from the website if you pay. willc heck tomorrow.

ps. sound like doug is grieving. men express emotions differently. I rember ians being agressive during our journey becuase he couldnt control everything and felt useless so got angry ate veryone including himself the worse :(