Thursday, 7 June 2007

Doing some housework...

Well, we've been doing some housework today - stuff we usually don't have time for (i.e. going through the boxes in the spare bedroom... also called "box room" for obvious reasons! LOL). Well, DH did it ... I did a shop inventory for the American Football stuff we got from the BAFL (British American Football League) for selling at our home games.

Then did some ironing as well. Just cannot take time out and keep the feet up which everyone seems to suggest for me because of the bleeding. It kept my mind off things though (well.. as much as that can be in my situation).

Tonight I had to google/read up on the FF Forum again ... the bigger clot still worries me, but it was just the one ... and I AM having clots normally during AF which is because of the endometriosis. From what I heard you'd have lots of clots when you have a m/c, so I'll grab that straw and hope for the best on Monday. Somehow cannot get the thought out of my head that we may have lost one of the twins though - if there ever were 2 getting to implantation stage. But then... apparently bleeding in early pregnancy is more common if there's twins/multiples ...???

OK! I think I better leave the whole thinking process now and continue watching Cold Case. Just glad that bleeding has gone down to spotting more or less now.

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Anam_Kihaku said...

hang in there ok... was it dark red old blog vlot or fresh blood version? if its old then dont worry ok - it more that likely accumlated stuff at your cervix, if its fresh, has you been streching mroe than usual ?