Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A bit worried ... and Questionmark Stage ...

Still bleeding ... surely I shouldn't really? Been reading up on the Web and Fertility Friends and while there are several posts/infos about bleeding being more common than you'd think, it is still worrying.

Also had some clots yesterday night ... and quite a bit of cramps. :( But not very bad pain, i.e. not different to period or endo pains, so do not think it's a miscarriage ... well, I HOPE it's not!

Or maybe just one of the two little ones?
DH asked me a couple of times if I want to phone EFREC about it, but right now I am feeling ok-ish - doubt they can bring the scan forward (apparently I am going to start my 6th week next Monday).

Cramps have gone now, and the bleeding is reduced, my tummy is not happy with the food I had today and else ... heartburn, feeling warm (but have no fever) and all that.

Really have to put this picture on my blog!!!! It's an Orange Spot ... the sign for Sticky vibes etc. on
Fertility Friends.

Ok, little un/s ... hold on!!! Please!!!!


Anam_Kihaku said...

hang in there ok.. ring you specialist. i have had friends do ivf and spotted till 6 weeks whent he placenta kicked in due to an irratibale cervix - Basically the pking and the drugs makes the cervix tender, sore and prone to bleeding - epseiclaly then the little ones stick and produce extra progestrone to boot. i hope all is ok and we'll be right hewre with yous ending stickign vibes, and go away bleed vibes.. as for cramping - yuck but i had them with fay till12 weeks - every day felt it was the last one...

sharonfruit said...

Oh, hun. Lots and lots of sticky vibes coming your way.

Get in touch with your specialist. Even just to put your mind at rest, hun!

Sharon xx