Sunday, 10 November 2013

10 on the 10th (after a long time)…EYE CANDY

Well… always thought I’d manage to post the 10 things on the 10th, but then somehow it’s a week later, and it didn’t happen. Drafting the post didn’t happen either.

So let’s see if we can revive it again. Not sure how many of Shimelle’s students are still doing the 10 things on the 10th, but I see some popping up in between.

Explanation for this month’s 10 things … I saw “Thor – The Dark World” and somehow have to admit that I’ve joined “Team Loki” (that’s after I’d seen “Thor” and “Avengers Assemble” – but it just “hit home” on Thursday).

So, this month will show some *eye candy* (at my age, am I allowed that ? Winking smile And also have to double check, with some (?!?!) of them there might be the term “cougar” needed… LOL).
So let’s start … in no particular order/ranking…

1) Tom Hiddleston/Loki

2) Richard Armitage/Thorin Oakenshield

3) David Tennant

4) Christian Bale

5) Zachary Levi/Fandral

6) Ben Affleck

7) Pierce Brosnan

8) Ryan Reynolds

9) Hugh Jackman

10) Robert Downey Jr

There are of course others … Winking smile But it’s only 10 allowed, so that’s 10 above. Only 3 of them are younger than me, and that not even by much, so no “cougar” after all. Winking smile

Mmmh… so what have I learned from this? I quite like ruffled hair and am partly partial to facial hair … ummmmmh. Poor hubby! Winking smile And don’t worry … he’s got his own list of eye candy!

And now… just to round it up … and something I just cannot leave out… Let’s “SAY HIS NAME” and kneel! Open-mouthed smile


Gute Laune in Frankreich said...

My Eye candy ist definitly Richard Armitrage. Loved him in North&South

Alison said...

Fun list!,
Alison xx