Sunday, 24 November 2013

Doctor Who is 50! ;)

Err… ok… the whole “weekly update” thing hasn’t panned out just yet, has it? But at least I’m posting more often than before, so that’s a step up. Open-mouthed smile

Right… yesterday was the 50th Birthday/Anniversary of Doctor Who. The whole household has followed the Birthday week programs etc, the Twins can identify all the Doctors, a Tardis (and yes, there are 2 in the Grassmarket and the Cowgate, i.e. on the way to hubby’s work – as pointed out by the girls), a Dalek.

We’ve been clearing the garden a bit yesterday early afternoon (raking leaves and picking up firework leftovers from Bonfire/Guy Fawkes night (the sticks and packaging from the rockets once set off etc), then the girls had their nap and I went up the road to friends who had a Doctor Who marathon from 10am already. DH and the girls arrived an hour later and we stayed for 2 episodes with the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy).

We decided to let the girls stay up for the 50th Anniversary Episode, “The Day of the Doctor”, which proved to be a little problem, as the girls got a bit antsy about 2/3 through the show, so we had to “review” a bit of it after they’d been in bed. Winking smile 


(The girls are holding our two “houseguests” from a Craftsters, A.D. Pose & Adi Pose – i.e. 2 crocheted Adiposes) in their arms. Smile )

Anyway… what can I say… WOW! OMG! And all those people who don’t like Doctor Who and have been spouting comments on updates from Whovians on Facebook – geesh, get a life! You have your own preferred TV moments (most likely soccer etc – so nothing I would comment on anyway as I’m not interested) why comment on (your friends’?) updates and dissing the show?!?!

We (including the girls) LOVED it … and now cannot wait for the Christmas Special (apart from Matt’s regeneration into Peter, there are still open questions, like how did Clara get out of the Doctor’s Time stream?!?!).  Was good to see how they brought the “War Doctor” into it, was of course very nice to see the 10th Doctor again (LOL) and just the way David and Matt were playing off each other – great! The plotline obviously gives now more ways of more regenerations than just the 12 stated. And nice to see John Hurt regenerating, just a shame that Eccleston didn’t come back for the regeneration scene. Ah well… bad blood after all??

Seeing Tom Baker at the end was fun as well… somehow “the Curator” sounded familiar to me, but might have been from a different show…

And then of course the one thing we didn’t realise was coming up (on red button) but thanks to the Internet can still be watched … The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot… Smile FAAAAAAAAAB! Just wish BBC would have shown it officially, and we’re hoping they will show it before the Christmas Episode (even if it’s just on BBC Three).

Unfortunately it’s not fully on youtube yet, but you can watch it during the next 6 days here. Sorry, I’m not sure if non-UK residents can see it… Surprised smile 

And some behind the scenes from “The Day of the Doctor” as well… just because.

Oh… and just a final note (to shut up those Doctor Who “haters” … Winking smile ) – Yesterday’s Simulcast of “The Day of the Doctor” broke Guinness World Record.

Ah well… now it’s just doing the countdown for Christmas … fortunately not as long as waiting for the 50th Anniversary Episode! Smile

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