Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Now … that sounds a bit harsh and scary, but yes … I sustained a mild concussion on Saturday when I got into my car after the Clansmen Alumni game! :o 

Was feeling ok (apart from a little sore after the bump – have done that a couple of times in my life, so why think of more? Would be a bump and maybe a bit bruised and ok in a couple of days) on Saturday, but woke up with a horrendous throbbing headache on Sunday.  But of course I just blamed the migraine … a very strong one, with painful eyes (felt as if someone was gouging them out!) and a very tight band around the head plus painful back of the head (lower occipital bone) and neck – all part of my usual “migraine routine”, so again… didn’t think of anything.

Monday the pain was a little less, but coming and going … and a felt a bit more nauseous than Sunday but again … coming and going…

During the night I didn’t sleep well, neck was painful depending on how I was lying down. Despite the headaches (coming and going though) I went to work … and during the bus ride I finally came to the conclusion that I might be concussed … “my” migraines don’t last longer than 24-48 hours and the pain was localized to the area I bumped when getting into the car … plus the nausea …  DH told me to phone NHS24, the nurse there seemed to agree with my self-diagnosis and sent me to RIE.

After 2 hours sitting in the waiting area (I’ve ALWAYS waited that long in that building … despite being sent over from the Western in the past, or being referred by NHS24 … doesn’t make any difference when I arrive or what day … :o Was a bit concerned NOT to be seen quicker than 1.5 hours by a nurse … head injury anyone!?!) I had full neurological testing by one of the docs, but we ruled out brain injuries (at least that!) and he agreed that I probably had a mild concussion … and apparently my migraine kicks in as a by-product …

Now slowly getting ROM (range of motion) back in my neck, and pain is getting better (although it’s still fairly bad in the mornings … probably depending on how I am lying down).

But then … who’d thought that you can give yourself a concussion when you knock your head on the car when getting into your seat!!! :o

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Latharia said...

OUCH! And I can completely believe getting a concussion getting into a car. My honey saw stars when he hit his head on a vehicle we were going to test drive! Hope the symptoms fade quickly & no lasting harm done!