Monday, 3 May 2010

Swamped with paperwork again & lappy off time!

What is it with Mondays before a game? Always a mad rush to get Wolves registrations done – I really wish we would get that sorted 2 weeks prior to a game, if players turn up on the Sunday prior to game day then tough – not getting registered until the week after. :o

Doesn’t help that my laptop has off time at the moment … doesn’t comply whatsoever! :(  I’ve tried a back up (but have to clear some space on my external HDD first!!), AntiSpyware check and virus scan, but somehow that doesn’t do the trick. I’m really in the mood to do a full format of the disk … have copied the most important things from the laptop so COULD do it, but DH’s lappy is off to repair and we might not get it back in time, which means mine is on standby for Saturday’s game… :o

So lost quite a bit of time doing the paperwork between 2 PCs, editing some photos for Saturday’s program … and still have lots more to do! :o 


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