Sunday, 22 October 2006

Was supposed to be a nice Sunday...

Ah... spoke too soon!! Had a thumping headache when I woke up and asked DH if I could have breakfast in bed. Had one piece of my brioche, took my tablets and then tried the 2nd piece and suddenly had a wave of nausea! Really felt like having to "hug the toilet bowl" soon, but nothing happened. Tried to sleep off the headache and asked DH for toast for lunch - smelled the lunch on DH's clothes and felt sick again!

At 3pm we left for home, and I went straight to bed. Still headachey and nauseous, I was drifting in and out of sleep. Dinner was soup and toast (special Soup from DH - he didn't find any cream so used squishy cream in the Campbell's tomato soup - which we won't do again ... the cream part of it I mean).

After dinner my old friend Chris phoned, whom I haven't seen in ages and haven't met for even longer!!! We had a good blether and then agreed she'll be coming around with lunch on Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to this!! :)

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