Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Still not 100% sure what is causing the pain...

WHAT A NIGHT!!!! Woke up at 2am again and then couldn't get back to sleep as one of the other patients was SNORING like DH!!!! I actually asked the nurse who brought me my pain killer if they'd have any earplugs ... answer was NO (note to self - bring eyeshade and earplug when next going to hospital!!!) but I got some cotton wool which helped ... a little. Still wok e up about every hour, and getting woken up at 7am for the meds round and BP & pulse doesn't really help!!!

My internal scan wasn't booked until 3pm ... so a lot of hanging about really. However, the scan showed that I have a huuuge (well... in my eyes!!) cyst on my right ovary ... 10 cm in total I believe. Liquid and solids .... which is a bit worrying for me, because I don't know what the "solid" part is?!

"Ran into" (well... was pushed on my wheelchair towards) DH and our friend Andy in the foyer and returned back to the ward. Again, it took them until around 7:30pm to get the ok from the next ward (210) for a free bed for me.

So off to the ward above Simpson's I went and got the standard procedure there (BP, pulse & temperature) which showed that I had higher temperature (38.5) which resulted in a doctor turning up and taking blood from me (100ml syringe) for blood cultures and putting me onto antibiotics.

And guess what - I woke up again at 2am!!! At the gynie ward they don't let you pull the curtain around so they can check on you from the windows, and of course they keep the lights on out on the floor. So - for me who is used to sleep in a pitch dark room (blackout curtains!!) it's very hard to fall asleep in the first place!! And I had yet another snorer!!! And the old biddy in the next bed was talking in her sleep.... I was doomed from the beginning!!! ;) It didn't help that my pain wouldn't let me sleep on either side (since Tuesday) and I am just not used to sleep on my back!!!

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