Thursday, 19 October 2006

Day 3 on NHS

As I said - didn't sleep well... and didn't have a chance to catch up on sleep with the regular check ups and medicine rounds etc. Was able to read though and found out that one of my former colleagues (know her from e-mail but not in person) was in the bed opposite. :) We have been chatting a bit.

One of the day nurses tried to get blood out of me ... and had to try 5 (!!!) different veins to get 2 syringes... and one was still missing!!! Really wonder what happened with my veins. They were ok when I was donating blood every 6 months.... :o

One of the blood results is a tumour pointer test. Apparently a routine test for anything that grows in your body which shouldn't, but still doesn't make me feel 100% about it.

Had Dr Raja turning up in the morning and Dr Thong in the afternoon. Apparently Dr Tay was there as well but I was in the shower.

DH turned up at 5pm with my laptop again so I could check my e-mails and write some replies. Once we figured out that I'm still to stay overnight I told him to leave early so he got an earlier dinner and also got a bit more sleep (well... more than me anyway!).

Talking of food - I have to say that hospital food is very nice actually. Better than what you'd get in a plane sometimes! And you have a selection of a couple of things.

Mmmh.... at the moment it looks as if I'd have an OP to remove the cyst. Dr Raja told me that this could compromise the blood circulation in my right ovary, which of course gives me the shivers - with the right one being my good ovary, what does that mean for my IVF? Reduced number of eggs? But of course no final result etc.

And something that doesn't get into my brain (probably being German!) is the fact that they are going to discharge me instead of doing the OP while I am in hospital anyway?!

DH and I decided that I can have patientline for TV (for "Extras" and "Mock the week") and bought it via Visa card so we could get money credited back if I'd be discharged before my 24hrs TV was up (which I was in the end).

Tried the internet but it seemed dial-up and took ages to load! So I just posted a message on UKS and then got off again (and was charged 80p!!!). But TV was great. Missed the last 5 min of "Extras" though due to the meds round but "Mock the week" really got me giggling about (ouch! That hurts!!). AAAbsolutely funny!!

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