Friday, 20 October 2006

Finally allowed back home...

Was told in the morning that I can go home in the afternoon. So had a shower and finally got to wash my hair as well. Felt a bit off with the greasy hair for such a long time!!

While drying myself I saw a little blood trickling from the canula so I thought I'd moved it a little - and suddenly I started bleeding like a pig!!! When checking my hand I saw that the other end (which is meant to be in my vein!!!) was out...and nothing but blood. So... every normal person would press the call button immediately, right?

NOT ME!!! I first put my (DH's Superman) dressing gown on, tried to clean up my hand under the water and THEN pressed the call button to tell the nurse that I made a bit of a mess. Geesh, what am I like!!!

Dr Thong came along to tell me that they discharge me in the hope that the cyst burst itself but that I would have an OP if it doesn't. And although I KNEW that's on the cards (and either solution means a delay in my next IVF cycle), I had a little cry out in a quiet corner of the ward. Of course one of the nice nurses turned up and opened the tear barrier even more when hugging me etc.

DH was very shocked about the tumour pointer test - he read up about the whole cancer thing and wasn't too happy that they didn't have any result (and DH being the person he is, he expects the worst!).

Was discharged at 3pm and had to say goodbye to one of the nurses, Helena Aitken, who is a student nurse and had her last day today. Sniff!!

We decided to stay at the inlaws this weekend just to make sure that I have someone looking after me and so DH could go to the BAFA meeting at Luton (which he was reluctant to go to because of me but I told him to as this would get his mind off things).

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