Monday, 18 August 2008

Holiday Planning...

Now with the Wolves season over (we've dropped out of the race for the 2nd playoff spot with our loss yesterday) DH and I are getting more serious about holiday planning (DH is actually speaking to Royalties as we speak).

Our plan was to fly in to New York and stay there for a couple of days (I've never been, but DH has), then hop over to Cleveland to visit friends and go to the (American) Football Hall of Fame in Canton - where we have been in 2005 but lil stupid here had formatted the CF card when she thought she switched the "format" of the photo (in my defense I only had the camera for about 2 weeks prior to our trip and and absolute rookie to digital photography) and then go down to Orlando for the rest of the holiday.

When we checked hotel prices for NYC last week we quickly realised that we'd have to drop this part of our trip - 3 days in NYC was about the same price as 2 weeks in Orlando!!! Not sure if people are flocking to NYC for the election? Didn't think Halloween was soo big there?

Next was Ohio ... and there were price issues with the flights. As we hadn't heard anything from our friends so far either, we have now decided to go for 2.5 weeks to Orlando.

Now, as we only have time to travel end of October to mid November we had planned to go and do "MNSSH" (Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween) again, which we did in 2005. Looking forward to it, as it's really a fab evening/night! And that without kids even!! :) I will try to get in touch with Bronwen again (which I tried a couple of times in the past 6 months), my "scrapbook shopping buddy" and good friend who organised the tickets for us last time and came along with her husband and daughter.

While I was checking the ticket dates on I found that the MVMCP (Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade) starts on 10 November!!! So I may get a two for one out of this trip!! :D Told DH that I don't HAVE to as it will be about $250 for the 4 tickets... but it sounds very nice!! :)

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