Thursday, 7 August 2008

Annual Fringe Outing

Didn't do much today ... wanted to do more, but didn't. Feeling pulling/slightly stabbing pain around womb area, which may come from Zoladex and additional HRT (which is new and you need about a week to get it to work in "harmony" with the Zolly), or maybe it's UTI ... which I kinda hope (feels a little like it). Really don't fancy another blinking cyst story right now. I'm on Zolly after all!!!

Quick DTM (deep tissue massage) on Al's upper trapezius, and then started on the next German CJ "My other hobby" (apart from scrapbooking that is). Only 1 page though! Gosh, I have sooo lost my mojo, will try to do more tomorrow.

DH is at a Clubsport Edinburgh (or is it Edinburgh Leisure? He's involved in faaaar too many boards!) meeting and will meet us for dinner in town (either Mexican or Greek or maybe something totally different ... who knows?) and then we're going to our annual Fringe outing... ;)

Rob Deb's back at the Jekyll & Hyde and we will probably go and see his show a couple of times again (as usual) - maybe even get the Wolves "Geek Squad" down one night. :D

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