Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Help! Time flies!!

Imagine that – my girls are already 5 weeks old!! And we haven’t killed them yet Winking smile . Doing both well, although they have been kicking up some fuss last night and shortly before the first feeds on my own (i.e. once DH and his parents have left the house) yesterday and today. Wondering if there’s some growth spurt involved…

Today the Health Visitor (Gillian) has been to do a quick check up, and to weigh the girls, and here are the stats:

Kara – 3.11kg (6lb 13 oz) – up from 2.89kg (6lb 6oz)
Megan – 3.68kg (8lb 1oz) – up from 3.45kg (7lb 9oz)

Sounds good to me, and after being told last Friday by the staff nurse Louise (who’s helping/checking for the BFing) to go 4hrly feeds during night time we now get the ok to go 4hrly feeds during the day for Kara and Megan can go to feeding on demand. Still have to figure out how we’ll handle that as it could mean more interrupted time if they’re not on the same level, but you never know.

I also have a “best buddy” who’s helping with BFing, but she seems to be pro 100% BFing, and I doubt we’ll be able to do that. She thinks at their age I should go “on demand feed” all the way, but given that Kara still has troubles with latching on, we still have to top up with bottle feed (although it seems to get less once they were doing well on BF) and that is causing trouble with timings again if going “on demand”. It’s easy to say to do this system if you have only 1, but with twins it’s a totally different picture.

Talking of which – below is a pic of Megan taken today after she had been fussing about a lot. And two pictures of Kara in the Karime which I kindly received from Donna, one of the twin mum’s in my Corstorphine Twins Group (West Edinburgh Group). It’s a great tool once you get the hang of it, shame you cannot carry both twins in there!! Winking smile 


Oh – and ignore my grumpy face – don’t get the hang of smiling when trying to do the long-armed photo somehow…that’s the reason why I wasn’t looking directly to the camera (got a pic with that, and DOUBLE CHIN springs to mind! Yuck!).

I’m planning on looking into digi scrapping again as I doubt I’ll be able to do much with the girls being so young – if anyone has any hints how to do that / good sites for tutorials  & freebies, please DO comment below!!

Much appreciated!!


Pia alias Scrapia said...
The blog isn't updated any more but the links to all the freebies should still be working

Alison said...

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my on earth did you find the time? Your babies sound as though they are doing great..lovely pics. Thx for the advice on the slowcooker...I have just thrown all the ingredients for chili in-no browning...I shall no doubt blog the results! Have a good day
Alison xx

Julie Ann Shahin said...

They are adorable! Congrats to your family!!!! xoxo