Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Some more scavenging... and collapsible veins

Blood test needed today (just to check things), and with the weather being DRY (high humidity and feeling as if thunder is about to hit soon, but DRY!) I decided to get some exercise and walk the 20 mins to the other medical practice. 

Due to muggy weather my veins played up a bit and played "collapsible" hide & seek - my history with blood tests pre-Twins wasn't that great (rolling veins, lots of poking to get a vein by DOCTORS - nurses usually get them quickly), but as I don't need constant blood tests anymore since the girls were born the nurses usually got the veins in one go. Today we had 2 attempts (one on each arm) but a medical student (feel so bad for her!), and then the nurse went for my hand ... I'm not sore or anything, high pain threshold and being used to that anyway... ;) 

Nice walk back, and I managed to get 2 more photos for the scavenger hunt. 

Drumbrae Edinburgh Leisure Poolside Windows - not see-through due to refurb of pool


A caravan on the way back home - thought I'd have more problems to find one

So missing and needing before 22/9 are:

  • A paw/foot print
  • A porch/deck
  • A bicycle
  • Fresh Produce
  • A map showing a trip taken during hunt period 
  • A Supermarket basket/trolley full of groceries
  • A photograph of you with a newspaper dated of current hunt period

They're all manageable before 22nd I think! ;) 

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