Thursday, 8 December 2016

Still here... not mothballing this blog...

Ok... I've not blogged a while... ;) (how often have I posted that over the years?!

Anyway... checking my blog for last year's Christmas Presents (only to realise that the present I was looking for was from 2014!) and realised I'm actually a week early for the "Christmas Panic" post... :D

Have I done any Journal Your Christmas / December Daily stuff? - NO
Have I baked ANY stollen or cookies yet? - NO
Have I done any homemade presents yet? - Partly (still to do more ... MUCH more... ;) )

Instead I've been through a huge social and school calendar for the girls... and had a 24 hour stomach bug ... and was 2 full days quarantined upstairs.

And I've done and sent out my Harry Potter Holiday Round 5 and Christmas Stocking Round 12 swaps.

Tomorrow stands under the signs of tidying the living room and BAKING with the girls me thinks ... and them writing their Christmas cards for school friends.

I might try to get some cards done myself for the ladies from the crop (Christmas Crop on Saturday! WAAAAH! Prep = zero ... as usual!).

Sooo ...all in all not really giving me any panic... yet... We can talk about that on Wednesday... ;)

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