Tuesday, 13 February 2007

No final decision

on our next IVF cycle that is ... Arrived early for the scan, and the place was deserted!!! :) So we got an earlier appointment, quick scan etc. Had Dr. T around for the scan again... not sure if I should be honoured that he's doing the scans since my first cyst appeared in October, or if I should be worried.... :o

Scan showed big cyst going down to 3cms diameter and they found another small one now. Dr T wants me to go on 3 more months of Zoladex, and have another scan end of March. While DH and I were actually thinking of waiting the 8-12 months until we're on top of the NHS list, Dr T seems to prefer to get me going with the next available date for me ... think he's worried about the severity of the endometriosis.

Just exactly the news I needed to hear, isn't it? I've got enough on the plate as it is, with studying for the exam and me not being the best in remembering just now ... :o

DH and I had a bit of a bust up in the car as well, about a small thing like holidays to boot. He wanted me to make a decision, and I felt like he could do some bits in our relationship as well, after all - I am getting poked about, have nearly every doc knowing my insides now and get all the stupid injections, be it Zolly or IVF hormones... :( Bust up was cleared before DH left for work today, but I'm still a bit angry? Disappointed?? Not sure what. It's probably all the bottled up stuff ... bottle is just not big enough. :/

Just one of those days, eh?

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sharonfruit said...

*hugz* hun! Sounds like we are both having a rough time at the moment.

I think you need to make the decision that's best for you. After all, it's your body that is being put through all this stress.

Sharon xx