Saturday, 3 February 2007

Day before SuperBowl XLI

No studying today ... my head was spinning a little (stupid cold), my throat hurt from all the coughing, and my back muscles hurt as well (from all that explosive cough stuff - isn't anatomy great!!! ;) ). So I did some ironing while watching telly.

After dinner I started on my CJ (oops, leaving it late again .. but there you go, studying comes first) and checked in at the CyberCrop at the SBS Forum but didn't feel up to doing anything of the packed agenda!! ;) Definitely next time though!!

Well...cover for the CJ is done, will do intro & my entry tomorrow or Monday before sending it off.

Need to get some sleep, have an "Open Clinic" for the Wolves Players tomorrow from 10am - 12pm and then it's SuperBowl Party in the evening. And my could drains me enough as it is.

Got an invite from my "colleague" Kai to help out as Trainer at the GB Lions Trials . Looks like I am getting enough practical training for my exam!! ;)


Laura said...

your cj cover looks great too.

Cath said...

We're looking forward to the Superbowl too!!

Heather said...

Does Wer bin ich? mean Where I've been?

Enjoy your party tonight. Is it out at a restaurant? I hope you feel better.