Thursday, 22 February 2007

Manic day...

Geeesh, somehow I wonder whether DH thinks I can read minds. I am currently trying to get our Junior Team affiliation application sorted, and he gives me a hard time because it's not ready yet which means we'd be losing the Junior players to do Chaing gang on Saturday at the Scotland v England Youth game at Meadowbank. :(

For goodness sake, nobody told me of a specific deadline!!! I've been on the phone to the head of BYAFA trying to figure out what we can do, but after 30 mins of talking there's nothing we can do - as much as she'd like to help, but she's coming up to Scotland tomorrow ... :(

Ah well... I am sure there are other jobs that the Juniors can do on Saturday, like buddying up with the Seniors to do Stewarding ... Wish DH wouldn't be so stuck in his plans... he really doesn't know how to be flexible. :(

At least I'll have the affiliation application ready to hand over to the head of BYAFA on Saturday.

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