Friday, 9 February 2007

Won something!!!!

Now that's a novelty!!! :) Haven't won much since I got that pen at one of the first Scottish Claymores games I have attended (that would be 1999/2000). Of course I won 2 things at the Crop, but that's more likely because of the size of the group of potential winners (crop is between 8 and 16 so far and rising).

Anyway ... I NEVER won anything through a magazine or newspaper and that although I have been taking part in give aways in several Cross Stitching magazines... :) Today I got a package through the door ... containing 3 Klasse scissors and a pack of Madeira Mouline embroidery floss ... WOW!!! Absolutely great!!! :)

And I got my first CJ from Heidi from our first forum CJ on the Scrapbookseite Forum. Hope I'll be able to do some scrapping this weekend so I got it ready to post on... I am notoriously leaving CJs to last days!! :o


sharonfruit said...

Wow! Well done you! I wanna win something! Preferably, the lottery ;o)

Buying a ticket would help, I suppose....

Sharon xx

MonaS! said...

Congrats - I usually don't win anything either! Nice sissors too!!!