Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Counting the hours ...

Tomorrow is the big day!!! Have I studied hard? YES. Have I done practical E&A? YES.

Do I feel as if I have run out of time???? YES!!!

But there's not much I can do about time, so let's do the best of it.

Tony was here for 2 hours to go over practical stuff with me (mostly tests - like Apprehension test for shoulder dislocation and the Kennedy & Hawkins test) and it was good to go through some things with him and discuss what we expect to appear in the final written paper or the E&A + Clinical question time.

Will be reading my sports injuries book and hope that things will stick.

Fortunately I'll know by around 4:30pm tomorrow if I have passed the exam or not. No prolonged waiting there... phew!!

So - quick check on e-mails and then back hitting the books.


Lars said...

Good luck Kat - will be keeping my fingers crossed for you

Heather said...

I hope by the end of today you know you've passed and can relax some. :)