Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Crafting projects?

Mmmh... I've been dithering about signing up for the UKS Cyber Crop, knowing that I am in Stirling all day on the 15th.

This morning I signed up however - DH will be down south in Doncaster on the Saturday for the BAFL Youth/Juniors meeting, so I can do some crafting/scrapping then... but will mainly work on finishing his birthday present I think. :) I was too late for the Mystery Kit, which in the past was the only kit I was purchasing for Cyber Crops anyway. So my main hope is that the Cyber Crop is going to kick start my scrapping mojo again...

Theme this time is "WICKED" ... which is just funny, considering that I have seen WICKED just 1.5 weeks ago in London!! :D I've joined the group of TIN MEN! ;)

Right ... mailbox just pinged and I see it's Shimelle's Day 2 prompt! :)

1 comment:

Joanne said...

Just to say I'm also a Tinman but will not be around for the Friday or most of Saturday hope to get something done on the sunday though