Tuesday, 3 November 2009

BfS Day 2 - Studying

Well... that's not the title of the prompt, but what I make of it. Was bad enough for me to find a topic to use for today's post ... just suddenly had writer's block after I read Shimelle's prompt! :o That happens from time to time. ;)

But now to the topic at hand...

I've never been the best at school ... managed to go onto a higher level at Secondary School/High School than advised, but then dropped out when it got towards the "Abitur" (A-levels), started a course in Radiology which I dropped out of after 5 months as well... My last course back in Germany was a diploma course for Bilingual Secretaries (or "Trilingual", as other countries apart from Germany seem to count their own language, too). I did finish that course (YAY) and went into the "working world" with the full intention to only do that for a couple of years, for the money, and then do another course to change profession to something I really want. What, I wasn't sure of at that point (I was 20 then).

However, life got in the way, and 10 years later I was still working in an office job ... and hating it!

Through one of our Wolves players I got into doing the taping/ bandaging our players, and through our Sports Therapist in training (in 2005) I heard of a distant learning course for a Diploma in Sports Therapy, which I subscribed to.

image I've been doing the course for 4 years now, have sat the final exam in February 2007 and passed 2 out of 3 modules and was told I only need to re-sit the part I failed - by only 5 points!!!

Then life got in the way again, health-wise with both myself and my mum ... and I kept the whole thing trailing, haven't read my books/notes etc. in 1.5 years now.

But then, this year, work was getting to me again, and I got so frustrated that I was able to kick myself in the behind, and I contacted the Course Admins to see when I could do the re-sit. They advised me that there is another practical module they have introduced as preparation for the final examinations, and I hope to attend.

What you don't know is that I have a huge panic of examinations ... and that I still have to hit the books!! :)

Another thing you don't know is that I am now actually actively looking into going to Uni after I have got my diploma to study Sports Science... but that is a story to be told another day! ;)

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Tracy said...

Isnt it funny that our posts were about the same thing. Good luck with finishing the course and then starting another one. Wow!