Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Senior vs Uni Football?

Now that I’ve attended the Clansmen (Uni Football) Vets training camp, one training session, 2 scrimmages and my first game I am getting to know the Clan better and that’s nice. :)

What suddenly hit me though, is the fact that I may not see all of them again next season … because some of them finish their degrees over summer. Huh!

Granted, we have players coming and going with the Wolves (Senior Football) as well, usually the guys I get along great stay … we still have quite a quota from our affiliation season in 2002 and the first season in 2003 … believe it’s a total of 5? Cavey, Ali, Alan M, Allan P & Pete (only coaching from 2010 onwards).

Situation with the Clan is worse though… While the Wolves players usually stay in Edinburgh or at least Scotland, these guys are from all over the place … the joys of a Residential Uni!! :o

Feeling a bit like when I was fostering cats back in Germany … don’t get too attached to them – might have to “give them away” in between 1-4 years. LOL.

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