Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween 2009

First year in UK that I wasn't either at home or in Orlando for Hallowe'en. We were invited to go to Nikki & Dave 2's Halloween bash with proper dressing up etc. :)

That's why we only had 1 pumpkin this year, and I used it as an "Offering to the Football Gods" again... have been carving "Miami Dolphins" pumpkins for the last couple of years we've been at home (for DH - for me usually something witchy ;) ) :) So this is in the hope that the Dolphins will win against the Jets today. :)


Nikki & Dave 2's party was fun, good to meet up with them, Billy & Anna, the other Dave (Nikki & Dave's flatmate), TD and Stuey again. :) Shame Nikki & Dave B had already plans to go to their Ceroc Halloween Party. Ah well. ;)

Lots of fun, a bit of alcohol and all in all a good evening. :) Had my pumpkin with me and left it there in the end. Photos from the evening:

BILD0354 Anna & Nikki

And to my shame I realise I wasn't quick enough to take a photo of Dave when he was still dressed up as "The Joker" to Nikki's "Harley Quinn". :o


Doug - straight back from space mission! ;)


Donna Anna of one of the Italian Families... ;)


Billy as Al Capone ...


TD as Friar James - we had to find something more elaborate than his "Leaf Blower" outfit. ;)


A very handsome Phantom - Dave, the flatmate. ;)

Then we have Stuey ... Babe Ruth or Justin Timberlake ?? We weren't sure ... and yes ... that's what happens when Stuey had 2 beer already (pic 2) .. ;)




And yes ... a pic of me... the most flattering one DH managed to take at 2am ... and no, I am not totally drunk, the colour in my face was supposed to indicate an explosion into my face ... "Mad Scientist" ... ah well... ;)

Oh - and the "Football Gods" were pleased with this year's offering ... The Dolphins won 30-25 over the Jets in a (yet again!!) nailbiting game. :) WAHEY!! :)

IMG_0229 (864 x 576)

I hope their grace will still show for the rest of the season...

... and I am considering an Edinburgh Wolves pumpkin in 2010 ... watch this space!! :D

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Joanne said...

Loving the mad scientist look and fab pumpkin. Glad you had a good night.