Monday, 23 November 2009

Still "gunky" (a weekend update)

Still feeling "gunky" ... all that mucus in my nose and throat does NOT make me feel like wanting to do anything.

Couple of snags from the weekend: Broke the screen of my small camera somehow (has a crack and therefore LCD screen is broken) and the Clansmen @ Mavericks game was called off due to the heavy rain this week... :( Won't see my Clan until 13th now. :o

We had a good turnout at the Wolves Rookie Day though (50 guys!) and lots of athletes, too. From this Sunday we're going to have 3 Sundays of "Football School" - i.e. teaching the fundamentals of American Football. Let's hope that lots of the Rookies will come back and join the Wolfpack! :)

Junior training was good, too - they have been waiting desperately for training, I assume - we had 12 kids down (10 returning and 2 rookies) with a couple of guys not able to make it. Things are looking up there for the Wolfcubs... ;)

Went to see the inlaws after training & shopping and it was good to catch up again.

Then cough increased again... really HATE that! I am getting to have the 6-8 weeks cough again, I am sure!!! :o

As for Saturday night - Went to the Circus Casino for my colleague Shari's going leaving night - good food, not 100% sure on the company though (included a lot of alcohol for them... huh!). Cough was getting worse during dinner, so I left after 3 hours to get back home. I will miss Shari quite a lot!!! Have to speak to DH about a trip to Barbados to visit her! ;)

Oh ... and my Fantasy Team is doing not the best... I am currently losing faith in Donovan McNabb!! :o And Peterson/Rice didn't get their usual points either... Still have Nate Washington for tonight but I would only win if he got me more than 12 points and Stuey's (this week's opponent for me) Linebacker doesn't get ANY points... I doubt that's going to happen... :o Ah well... we'll see. I WOULD be winning if we wouldn't allow another QB to be the additional Offensive Player! I mean ... how COULD I beat Brett Favre's points, even with Stuey's starting QB leaving the game injured (Kurt Warner) after earning only 19 points. ... :o

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