Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Just a quick note, as it's nearly time for bed again! :o

Yep... I am behind ... I haven't done any of Shim's blog entries 3-8, haven't even read half of them. Been busy ... as you may be able to gather from the "To Do" list from Tuesday.

Today I was at work, got some news about LTSB but am not sure how that affects me as a SW temp ... might not affect me, or I might not have a job in 2010. Who knows. Might just mean my plans of a career change/going to uni might come to fruitition earlier than planned and I just need to get my head around things.

After work I took my shoes to get the heels sorted (and they'll be ready for CEROC tomorrow!! :) ), then went to Choc Soup to meet up with Aisha - had a fab hour and a bit with her again - she's off with Wombat to visit her family in Australia this weekend for a month. Discussed a couple of European holiday options for them for next year and have to remember to send her the links to different sites. ;)

Got back home, had quick dinner (ta to DH who made quick Spaghetti with Tomato sauce) and then went on to edit the remaining 100 photos from Sunday's game. JUST managed to get the editing done, resizing and burning the photos onto CD before Coach turned up to pick it up.

And then I ordered my big sis' birthday pressies...

Currently catching up with my fellow "classmates" on their blogs ... who have been keeping up better with Shim's class than me and even managed some scrapping... which I yet have to do but have plans for it on my next day off on Friday. :)

Plans for the rest of the week???


Dinner with Nikki B @ Jekyll & Hyde
Ceroc (and dancing with Dave B - he owes me a dance!! ;) )

Stage 1 of DH's birthday pressie
Prepare crop stuff for UKS Cyber Crop
Tidy Study
Have lunch with Vicky B @ HW
Make 3 Batches (or 4?) Cheesecake Brownies
Geek Squad Cinema trip - "2012"


Drive DH & SNW to Train station early morning
Scrap @ UKS Cyber Crop
Stage 2 of DH's birthday pressie

Clansmen @ Tigers game

PHEW!!! ;)

Oh... and go for a swim on Friday or Saturday... easing back into gym work after OP and lurgy! And at some point I am going to catch up with Shimelle's class as well... Friday or Saturday. :)

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