Monday, 2 November 2009

Blogging For Scrapbookers (BfS) - Day 1 - "Intentions"

I've been blogging probably from around 2004 onwards - been platform hopping in the first 2 years but retuA bit mrned back to Blogger because it's a) free and b) easy to use (and now c) linked to Google ;) ).

Shimelle's Class "Blogging for Scrapbookers" (think you can still sign up, just have a quick look!) was interesting for me as I do blog a lot and scrap as well... not as much though.

She's giving us 3 options for the classes ...

a) Little to no time - maybe a photo (doesn't have to be your own) and a short text

b) A bit more time - take a good photo to document your story and a longer text

c) Time to Play! - Scrap & Blog. ;) I.e. create a scrapbook page that documents the daily prompt, include the layout in the photo and blog

From my experience I will be using all 3 options over the course of the class - there will be days where I have more time and can do a layout and on other days there will be no other option than option A!

However, my intention is to make at least 1 shot per week on option C. So ... if you can see me not posting a LO before next Monday, could any of my old and new friends over from Shimelle's forum give me a nudge please??? I am very bad with procrasrinating!!

REASONS why I am taking the class?

  • I want to improve my blog - it is mainly a "keepy uppy" for friends and family, but I wanted to include more crafts as well... and I did well, but right now I hardly do crafts!
  • I am looking into changing the layout of the blog and this is part of the class.

As for my blogging style ... I usually blog on my Laptop. That's just because I can post the entries quickly in any room, on the train etc. I started using Windows Live Writer again, which is not bad - specially as I am doing some "backlog" blogging (prefer that to keep stories in the timeline for possible future scrapbooking).

I scrap in my study where my desktop PC is ... or better said I WOULD scrap ... if the table were tidy and the stash sorted out... ;) That's on my to do list for Friday/Saturday. :)

Huh... now I've been posting quite a long blurb after all... ;)


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Sharyn said...

Good luck with Shimelle's class - I hope you enjoy it! -Sharyn