Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thanksgiving Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends!

Hope you are not having too much trouble with your respective turkeys.

As for me ... I've got a long to-do list again, and had to shuffle a few items already to tomorrow as I want to be at Sportsters around 6pm for the NFL Thanksgiving Games!!

And why is it your to do list always changes over the day and you do other stuff but not the stuff on your list???

  • Take photo of SB stash bought in US
  • Divide Nikolauswichteln and Secret Santa presents
  • Phone my mum
  • Sportsters Thanksgiving Games
  • Pay Tollcross for Crops
  • PM Lou re church usage
  • Check Euro account
  • Gym
  • Wolves Subs e-mail
  • type Management meeting minutes
  • Send Management meeting minutes
  • Wolves Contract 2009
  • Start Christmas Thread on UKS
  • Book table @ Khublai Khan for tomorrow
  • 2 dark washes done & hung up
  • put on dishwasher
  • Divide Secret Santa & Nikolauswichtel
  • Take photo of US stash
  • Start Christmas Thread on UKS
  • Phoned Khublai Khan (table booking) and hope I get it
  • Sent important part of meeting minutes to the GM
  • Searched about 1 hour for login details for my Euro account and still haven't found them!
Shortly off to the gym ... weather is crap, so will take the car. And will go to the bottle bank on the way.

So... let's see how much more stuff I can manage until I am leaving for Sportsters...


Latharia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog ... and I have great confidence in your ability to complete your JYC album this year! :D I hope you get all of your tasks done today. I am just back from the gym myself & looking forward to some turkey & mashed potatoes!

Heather said...

Your "to do" list is/was very long. :o

A suggestion I read was to have a master list of things to be done then move to a "daily to do" list the things you reasonably hope to get done that day.